BBQ Food Trailers FAQs and Requirements

If you have the wish to run a food trailer, you need to know some basic things about the business. First of all, you should visit the BBQ trailers for sale section, as that’s where you’ll find your main piece of equipment for a relatively small price. Next thing, have in mind that in some cities, food trailers are banned and are considered unsanitary.


Other cities have developed a system to easily ban food trailers that do not comply with the basic sanitary conditions.

Commonly asked questions about BBQ food trailers:

  1. What type of food trailer should I buy?

    Of course, if you are considering something like a mini restaurant, offering sandwiches with meat, you’ll need a trailer from the BBQ trailers for sale section in customized stores. Moreover, these trailers are classified into two groups: restricted – that can sell only per-packaged food, and unrestricted – that can prepare and sell the food.

  2. How should I arrange the interior of the trailer?

    There are regulations of what should you have in your food trailer. First, you must have proper commercial cooking equipment, hot water installed, stationary refrigerators and freezers. More over, you must have a proper sink where you will maintain your equipment.

  3. Should I sign the trailer?

    In most cities it’s mandatory to sign your trailer with company name, city, state, street and telephone number.

  4. Plan submission.

    Pretty much like the procedure for opening a restaurant, with the difference of not having to install a bathroom. A health inspector will come to make an inspection of your trailer. You need to provide him with a drawing of the interior and a list of the materials used for construction. Also, you need to provide a plan of the pluming web and a list of the materials the pipes are made of.

  5. Licenses and permits.

    When you go to the BBQ trailers for sale section, have in mind whether you’ll be operating only in one location or you’ll be moving the trailer around. This is important, because the license you’ll get will be according to whether you’ll be moving the trailer or not. Moreover, have in mind that some cities have a food and service grading system, so you would want to pass all inspections satisfactory as to get the permit with the highest grade.


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