Few Ideas On How To Choose The Right Temp Data Logger

A temp data logger is a portable measurement instrument which is also called temperature monitor. Its function is to autonomously record temperature over a certain period of time. The digital data can be viewed, evaluated and retrieved after it has been recorded.


Cooling systems which are used to maintain constant temperature might be one of the best inventions that man has come up with. The invention of the temp data logger has made it possible to manufacture, store and deliver perishable items such as pharmaceuticals and food while at the same time keeping their quality throughout the process.

In order to process perishable materials there has to be a strict temperature regulation, and for that reason you must carefully choose the monitoring device. We offer you some of the most important factors to consider when choosing temp data loggers:


When choosing a temperature monitoring device, accuracy is of utmost importance because even the slightest change can have an adverse effect on sensitive components. Accuracy should be a priority in order to obtain quality products. Keep in mind that you should use a different temp data logger for your warehouse, another for your refrigerated truck and a different one for your shipping containers. Talk to your temperature logger supplier to get information both for the measurement accuracy, as well as the right resolution requirements. Monitoring devices should undergo regular calibration procedures and temperature testing to ensure high quality device performance.

Easy To Use

A temp data logger should be easy to use in order to prevent mistakes in data collection. It is important to consider the installation and setup process for the device, the way how data is read and how data is downloaded or processed using a computer. The temp data logger should be easy to use for people who have different skill levels and should have software that is easy to integrate within computers which are currently used by the company irregardless if it is Mac or a Windows-based computer.


Since the temp data logger is going to be exposed to different environments, it has to have an adequate protection against extreme temperatures, wetness, ice formation, condensation and humidity. Moreover, temperature monitors should be also protected from damage caused by vibration and shock which is something that happens often during transfer of goods and shipping.


Since temperature monitoring is often done for long term periods, it is important that temperature monitors have ample battery life to last throughout the whole process. Some of these devices come with specialized batteries which can only be replaced by manufacturers, while others come with standard battery types which users can easily replace when they need to.


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