FAQs About Becoming a Tipper Truck Driver

Over the past few years, the demand for truck drivers is high, with no signs of stopping. Qualified truck drivers are needed all over the world, opening a wide range of new job opportunities and increasing the tipper truck for sale demand. To become a truck driver, you must earn a certification, which is given after you successfully pass the training. After the certification, you may consider to buy a tipper truck for sale or start looking for a truck driver job. The education and training to safely operate a tipper truck will not only provide you with a certification, but it will give you the needed confidence and initial experience to be a successful tipper truck driver.


Buying a tipper truck for sale and possessing a normal driver’s license is not enough to be a truck operator. Tipper trucks are considered as heavy machinery, so unqualified personnel operating these trucks can be very dangerous for all employees at the work site. To prevent some serious or fatal injuries, it is important all truck drivers to complete training courses for operating these heavy-duty vehicles. Here are the most frequently asked questions about becoming a tipper truck driver.

How much money can I make as a truck driver? – In your first year as a truck driver, you can make about $30,000 to $38,000. However, your salary will grow as you keep working for the same company year after year. After your first year, expect yearly earnings of about $45,000. Truck drivers with experience of +10 years can make over $80,000 per year.

How can I earn some extra money? – For some extra money, many truck drivers train other rookie drivers. Also, after working for several years as a truck driver, you may earn enough money to buy a tipper truck for sale and start your own trucking business.

Where can I get training? – There are a lot of schools across Australia that provide the necessary training to operate a tipper truck. During your training, you will not be paid, but if you are successful, you will receive a tipper truck’s license that will get you a well-paid job. But first, there is a program and some tests you need to complete and pass.

Can I operate all types of trucks with a tipper truck license? – For different types of trucks, different certificates are given, which means having a tipper truck licensed doesn’t automatically qualify you to operate another type of truck. Before you buy a new tipper truck for sale, check if you have a proper license.

Is operating a tipper truck dangerous? – Regardless of how terrifying does tipper truck looks, operating these vehicles is easy and safe. Before becoming a tipper truck driver, most people ask questions concerning the safety of these trucks. These vehicles are used for carrying extremely heavy and large loads, which make the steering and turning more difficult with a potential to cause more injuries and property damage. But a proper training can provide you the skills you need to safely operate a tipper truck under all sorts of circumstances and weather conditions.


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