Chemical Storage Containers – Ventilation Guidelines

Do you need several chemical storage containers with different storage capacity? Worry no more! With the constant improvement and innovation, today you can enjoy in a vast of different types and sizes of chemical storage cabinets in order to keep your dangerous and corrosive chemicals safe whilst close at hand.


Regardless their use, chemical storage containers usually come with capped bung openings that allow ventilation, while in chemical and flammable cabinets ventilation, is not required and recommended by any Federal regulatory agency. Cabinet manufacturers provide chemical storage containers with venting bungs specially designed for users who need to vent by local or state codes, or by individual company or insurance carrier policies.

How To Know When To Vent The Flammable or Chemical Storage Containers?

Regardless of the common law regulations, venting chemical and flammable storage cabinets is occasionally necessary. If venting is necessary, you need to follow the instructions or any other special requirements form a fire inspector.

Before venting a cabinet, you need to lower the emission of the cabinet’s vapor. Consider the following steps:

  • Place the cabinets in a cool and dry area, away from a direct sunlight and from heat or ignition source, because temperature alteration in many chemicals will increase the emission of harmful vapors.

  • Always maintain constant and appropriate room ventilation as many of the accidents happen when ventilation is turned off for a while.

  • Store chemicals properly I.e. in containers that are made of chemically compatible materials in order to avoid leakage or other type of damage.

  • Always check the caps on the containers are tight as well as the outside of the containers. It needs to be clean and free from any liquids.

  • Regularly inspect the inside of the cabinets for spills.

  • Regularly inspect the cabinets and any metal items in the area for signs of rust or corrosion.

What To Do If You Have To Vent The Flammable/Chemical Storage Containers?

If a decision is made to vent, follow the guidelines from the fire inspector. Usually venting incorporates the following steps:

  • Remove the metal bungs from both sides of the storage container and replace the flame arrester screens.

  • Connect the bottom opening of the container to the exhaust fan with rigid metal tubing that is equal or better than the used one, in the cabinet construction. The metal tubing inner diameter must be the same as the one of the opening.

  • You should use fan, constructed of non-sparking blades and shrouds.

  • The total run of the exhaust duct should not exceed 7.5 meters.


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