The Most Popular LEGO Creator Buildings

As you probably know, LEGO is the world’s most popular manufacturer of building toys for children. One of the latest series of LEGO building blocks is LEGO Creator. If you are a real LEGO enthusiast, you definitely know a couple of LEGO Creator models and how much entertaining they can be. Since children love to be challenged, this series of sets are well-known for triggering children’s creativity. These are not toys for 3 year olds. In fact, they are designed for children of 7 up to 12 years, these toys can awake their creativity and let them express their talents in building some complete buildings. Each LEGO Creator kit comes with instructions-to-follow and each provides a different building experience. Here are three sets that we consider most entertaining.

LEGO Creator: Sydney Opera House

LEGO Creator Sydney Opera House

If you have ever dreamed of creating one of the world’s biggest and most iconic buildings, LEGO gives you the chance to recreate the Sydney Opera House.

This LEGO Creator set can be used only by 16+ aged persons, because it is made of 2989 pieces and requires some basic skills and a lot of thinking. Build the waterfront forecourt or the beautiful shell roof-line, which creates an authentic look of the most iconic building in Australia. The sturdy construction is huge in size, but it can be moved conveniently.

LEGO Creator: Family House

LEGO Creator Family House

This modern 3-in-1 family house by LEGO is definitely one of the best LEGO Creator kits. Stylish, large and fun to build, the LEGO Family House comes with a plenty of house attachments for you to play with, such as backyard barbeque, car, garage, hanging lamp, small pond, tree, bed, table, armchair and much more. This open-layout house can be easily rebuild into an industrial factory or a Mediterranean villa, that’s why it’s called 3-in-1. With one male and one female minifigure, you can easily play both inside and outside the house, and when the sun fades away, switch on the functioning lights so your minifigures won’t have sight issues.

LEGO Creator: Bike Shop & Cafe

LEGO Creator Bike Shop & Cafe

All you need to have to open a world full of adventures is a LEGO Creator Bike Shop & Cafe. This 3-in-1 LEGO set allows you to serve your customers with coffee at the cafe, while the neighbors are repairing and selling bikes. But that’s not all. You can rebuild the whole set into an auto repair shop, or a flower shop. This LEGO Creator kit comes with 3 minifigures (2 men and 1 woman), a car, a buildable bird, a bike, a bed, a stove, a bed, a rooftop area with barbeque, muffins, espresso machine with cups, indoor seating area and a lot more.


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