Getting Smart With: Drum Handling Equipment

Drum handling equipment is an important part in the transportation of cylindrical module such as steel drums, barrels, fiber drums and plastic drums. It features spring-loaded metal arms which enable a secure and tight grip. This type of equipment is most commonly used in petroleum and chemical industries as well as industries which require shipping and storing of cylindrical modules.


Whenever using drum handling equipment, it is of utmost importance to be careful as a full 210 liters drum can weigh up to around 800 kg. Some people use a forklift while moving these heavy drums, however if you do not handle it properly, it is possible that it can knock it over. In the worst scenario, someone could get hurt or contents could spill all over the place and cause contamination.

Some people try to move drums in a different way, by rolling them on the bottom rim of the drum, while others choose to roll it across the floor which can be also done to mix the contents in the drum.

Keep in mind that moving drums can be very hazardous. They are far too heavy for a person to be able to move them safely. It takes one mistake while moving it and the drum could slip out of your control and open. Therefore, do not take things in your hands literally, be smart and use the appropriate drum handling equipment. This equipment includes:

  • Drum truck
  • Forklift attachment
  • Below hook drum lifter
  • Other drum handling devices

Moreover, while moving these extremely heavy drums, it is also important to consider environmental factors such as:

  • Space
  • Lighting
  • Floor imperfections

Although having the perfect working environment eliminates the possibility of any spills and contamination, it is of utmost importance that you check the lids and bungs of the drums while transporting.

A crucial part of the job of dealing with drums is training. Whether made of plastic, steel or fiber, drum handlers have to be flexible in handling different types of drums.

A drum paletiser below or below hook drum lifter is one of the drum handling equipment parts that needs to be used in order to safely move the drums. It can be easily attached to hoist or a crane. In case the drums have to be moved to a rack, a drum racker should be used.

Wearing gloves while moving an empty drum is another must. Never roll a drum around blind corners or out of a truck.


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