Sack Trolley – Different Types and Uses

Sack Trolley or also known as sack truck or hand truck is a moving handcart which can be used in residential and commercial sites for moving loads from one place to another. This is a simple yet so useful piece of material-handling equipment, which is consisted of three main parts: base, handles and wheels. There are different sack trolleys, which are categorized mainly on the base of their purpose of use. This said, a specific type of sack trolley is suitable for handling certain type and weight of materials and for specific frequency of usage.

sack trolley

Also, the type of sack trolley that will best match your needs depends on the type of surface you will use the sack truck on. Here are some of the most common types of sack trolley:

  • Drum Lifter Trolley

    The drum lifter trolley is specially designed for moving and transporting drums from one location to another. Most drum lifter trolley types can handle drums with capacity of 50 to 200 liters, and drums made out of different materials such as plastic, steel or iron.

  • Modular Sack Trolley

    This is a type of sack trolley that can be suited to specific transportation requirements. Namely, you can choose the separate parts and complete sack truck that will best suit your needs. To make it more clear, you are the one choose the type of base (material, strength, size, etc), the wheels and the type of handle.

  • Chair Sack Trolley

    The chair trolley is specially designed for transporting sacks of seats. The base part of this purpose-built trolley is usually wider when compared with the other models. This is done in order the base to accommodate the four legs of the chairs. Understandably, the chair sack trolley is used in commercial sites such as restaurants, night clubs and other types of public facilities.

  • Bottle Moving Sack Trolley

    Similarly like the drum lifter trolley, the bottle moving sack trolley is designed for moving specific category of containers, in this case bottles. This trolley is used in warehouses, retailing stores and other commercial facilities for transporting loads consisted of bottles.

  • Convertible Heavy-Duty Sack Trolley

    If your heavy-duty material handling operations include versatile loads, then this is the right trolley for you. This is a type of trolley featuring strong iron frame, which is specially designed to withstand heavy loads. Moreover, you can convert it easily for moving and transporting almost all kinds of loads and goods.


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