What Are The Pros and Cons of Safety Ear Muffs

Working with heavy and powerful machinery usually goes along with a lot of disturbing noise that it is not only insupportable for the human ear, but it also can be extremely hazardous for workers’ hearing health.


We would all agree that the best way to prevent hearing loss is to reduce the noise level in the work environment. But, since this is absolutely impossible, the only way for workers (especially construction workers) to avoid losing their hearing, is to protect from the dangerous noise themselves. In order to do it so, workers need to rely on quality and trustworthy hearing-protection equipment. There are various devices that can be used for this particular purpose and the selection is usually a matter of personal preference. By far, safety ear muffs have proven to offer the most out of hearing protection to workers that work in extremely noisy work environments.

However, being informed about the exact level of noise in the work environment is crucial for determining the NRR (Noise Reduction Ratings) of the hearing protector, including safety ear muffs as well. Another important thing is ensuring the hearing protector is properly worn and fitted, which is commonly not the case with ear plugs, as one of the hearing-protection options.

In addition, let’s take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of using safety ear muffs in a noisy work environment.

ADVANTAGES of Safety Ear Muffs

  • Specially designed to fit all head-sizes.
  • Possible to wear even if the worker experience a minor ear infection.
  • Sturdy with resemblance to big headphones, which makes them not so easy to lose.
  • Easily seen at a distance.
  • Less attenuation variability among users.

DISADVANTAGES of Safety Ear Muffs

  • Heavier and less portable in comparison with other hearing-protection devices, like ear plugs, for example.
  • Difficult to be simultaneously used with another hearing protector.
  • Giving an uncomfortable feeling when used in humid and hot work environments.
  • More inconvenient to be used in restricted areas.

When looking for the right pair of safety ear muffs, you can always contact an SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) health and safety advisor to give more detailed information about safety ear muffs as special hearing-protection equipment. Meanwhile, you can browse the market of work safety equipment and see where you can get a quality and reliable hearing-protection from.


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