Different Types Of Signal Generators For Sale

The signal generator is a special electronic device commonly used in designing, repairing and testing electroacoustic devices. Signal generators are also known to the public as: frequency generators, arbitrary waveform generators, function generators, pitch generators, digital pattern generators and RF and microwave signal generators. Signal Generators For Sale

Signal generators are used for an array of purposes, hence the existence of various types of signal generators that feature different functions and of course, capabilities.

Different types of signal generators have different design, due to the circuits that are required to realize their requirements. When it comes to selection and purchase, signal generators for sale seem to be shoppers’ prime buying option. Quality and affordable signal generators for sale can be found in the product-portfolio of experienced and popular suppliers that can be easily found on the online market.

Most frequently used signal generators today:

Function Generator

This is definitely, the most common model of signal generators available on the market today. The function generator produces the majority of most used waveforms in common frequency ranges, thus being the ideal tool for newbies and those who are dealing with general work only. Function generators are able to generate square, sine, sawtooth and triangular waves. For example, sine waves are generated by simply charging and discharging the capacitor; sine waves are made by using a diode-shaping circuit; while sawtooth waves are created by slowly charging the capacitor and using a diode to quickly discharge it afterwards.

Artibrary Waveform Generator

When it comes to latest and sophisticated models of signal generators, the arbitrary waveform generator is the right one to go for. This type of signal generator has the capacity to create different shapes of waveforms by manipulating the capacitor’s voltage input. The difference between function and arbitrary waveform generators is that AWGs can generate any arbitrarily defined wave-shape by using wave points and voltage targets placed at particular points on the waveform. Hence, the reason why arbitrary waveform generators are more expensive than function ones.

RF and Microwave Signal Generator

The main function of RF and microwave signal generators is to test components in various electronic fields, including audio and video broadcasting, wireless communication (Wi-Fi), radars and satellites. What makes the RF and the microwave signal generator different one from another is their range. Therefore, the RF generator operates between few kHz and 6 GHz, while the microwave signal generator covers a wider range – from 1 MHz to at least 20 GHz.


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