Refrigeration Manifold Gauge Set: Working Principle and Uses

HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning, and this generally is a single system made as a combination of the three, since they’re all made of elements that are very similar to each other. Monitoring the work of these devices requires some expertise and mainly people that monitor air conditioning devices are trained to monitor heating and ventilation elements as well. And to make their job a lot easier, they use HVAC manifold gauge sets; instruments for measuring if every device functions properly. The air conditioner is present in almost every home, so an air conditioner gauge manifold is part of every technician’s equipment, among other things.

Refrigeration-Manifold-Gauge -et

How Do HVAC Manifold Gauge Sets Work?

The HVAC gauge has three important parts: a manifold, readout gauges and hoses. Each one of them has it’s purpose in the entire system:

  • The refrigeration manifold gauge set consists of chamber devices, specifically designed to provide control over the flow of gas and pressure. There are three different chambers in the refrigeration manifold gauge set: low pressure chamber, high pressure chamber and an utility chamber. The manifold gauge gets connected to the refrigeration unit, and once done, the pressure in discharge line can be read. For this purpose, the low pressure side of the refrigeration unit should be connected to the low pressure gauge side and so do the high pressure gauge hose. The utility port serves for connecting the hose to a vacuum pump, other recovery units, or to add more refrigerant to the air conditioner.
  • Readout gauges – there are two readout gauges in most HVAC gauges: one for both the low pressure chamber and the high pressure chamber. The low side gauge reads positive pressure in psig and negative pressure in inches of mercury. The high side gauge serves to prevent frostbitten fingers while handling connections on the high side of the refrigeration manifold gauge set.
  • Hoses – hoses serve to handle pressurized gasses that pass through them. They generally don’t need intense maintenance, only in cases when someone replaces a properly working hose with one that has lower psi rating.

Uses Of HVAC Manifold Gauge Sets

A refrigeration manifold gauge set is used for measuring the pressure in HVAC units so they can be evaluated or an effective troubleshoot can be conducted. Besides using them for control and monitoring, these units are also used for checking operating pressures, transferring air conditioning refrigerant, supply the system with nitrogen, test its pressure and perform other essential tasks for assuring the system functions properly.


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