10 Different Types Of TV Entertainment Units

Thinking about buying new TV entertainment unit, but you are not sure about what type of unit to buy, keep on reading to understand the most popular types of TV entertainment units. This article is going to provide you with the basics about today’s selection of television furniture units. By combining the three important elements, you will find your perfect TV entertainment stand for your living or family room.

TV Entertainment Unit

Explore the TV entertainment unit world by expanding your knowledge on the subject and make your best purchase for your home.


The most important decision regarding a new TV entertainment unit is related to the general design. It needs to match your home and overall style.

  • Open Shelving – Open shelving became the most popular TV stand style, especially for those who are looking for spacious and simple lines TV units, providing an open visual element. Usually they are made of central frame that holds several shelves, and a mounting bracket for the TV itself.
  • Stand With Audio Towers – This type of TV stand is a functional and full entertainment center that consists of pair of tall structured shelves where you can place a pair of speakers or any other equipment.
  • Floating – Floating TV stands are a wall-mounted units that provide a completely open floor space and a clean look. These TV stands usually contain shelving and cord concealment. TVs can be placed on top or wall-mounted above the floating stand.


The second most important thing to consider when buying a new TV stand is the material. You can choose between a traditional and timeless wood model, minimalist metal construction TV unit, glass ones and so on.

  • Wood – As the most traditional furniture material, wood is also the most common TV stand construction. The most luxurious models of TV entertainment units appear in wood, with graceful details and rich surface tones.
  • Metal – Metal TV stands are more sturdy and lightweight than wood. They have slimmer profile, can be shaped into new refreshing configurations, which feature unique designs and cuts.
  • Glass – Glass models open the visual space and reveal the electronics in discreet beauty. Usually they feature a metal support pieces and are suitable for those who value a clutter-free space.


Style is the defining characteristic of any piece of furniture, and it is important as it is the center piece in your living and family room.

  • Contemporary – Contemporary designs are defined by the essence of the today’s and new thing. They are fresh and new, and whether a metal, galas or wood, they will make a boldly appearance in any home.
  • Traditional – Traditional styled TV entertainment unit, evokes a timeless look, rich in wood tones, solid and natural appearance.
  • Modern – Modern TV stands are unique with bold minimalist lines, emphasizing both functionality and form.
  • Rustic – Usually, rustic furniture is designed to look old fashioned and woodsy. These pieces are usually made of natural untreated wood and aged metals for a timeworn look.

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