Way To Fit a Dressing Table Into Your Bedroom

Dressing Table Bedroom

I literally envy those of you that live in huge houses with rooms larger than a two-room apartment,since you can actually afford the space to have a separate room for all your clothes, shoes, bags, accessories and dressing tables to place all your makeup and pampering products on. Makes you feel like a princess doesn’t it?

On the other side of the story, are those of us that simply don’t have that much space in the house for a separate room with dressing tables, closets and shelves for shoes. But, thanks to creative minds and interior designers that are really good at what they do, now you can do something to fit a dressing table in your otherwise small bedroom:

1. A bedside and a dressing table

Is there something better than having all your creams and makeup products right next to your bed? The bed is a center point in a bedroom and once you get up in the morning, everything revolves around it; your clothes are here, you have extra space to place your pajamas and get a good visual angle of the combination you’ll be wearing for the day. And what comes next? Makeup, of course. You don’t need something very large; just get a small makeup table and place it next to the bed. A very small piece of the table will be used for your phone, the night lamp and maybe a glass of water. The rest of the table can have a small mirror attached to it and used for perfumes, makeup and brushes and creams.

2. A romantic corner in your bedroom

I bet you want your bedroom to emit romance from the way it’s decorated and designed. For that purpose, look for dressing tables that have mirrors with a rich, carved, wooden frames. These are especially good for attic bedrooms – you can place them under the eaves in the room and actually use this space which you won’t be able to for anything else.

3. Glamour!

A lady deserves nothing but a glamorous bedroom to fire up her confidence and make her feel special. That means a large, fancy mirror combined with a good, quality table and a small sofa. It doesn’t require a lot of space, because this woman has everything she needs to make herself look like a goddess in one cosmetic bag. The thing here is the smart choice of materials to add more serenity and sparkle to the otherwise small bedroom.

4. Slot in a pampering spot

If you have a bank of wardrobes, you can make things interesting by building in the dressing table. You only need to free a little space for one deck and a few drawers beneath, and the mirror. You’re getting ready for going out and all your makeup, perfumes and the essentials are right in front of you. Plus, you’re literally not wasting precious space.

5. Classics

The good old simple dressing table with the mirror attached to it is classic; it’s the same material as your wardrobes and it’s a clean lined furniture of neutral colour. As such, it can be well-combined with a wide range of prints, colours and designs as it won’t be a pain in the eyes when you look at it.


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