The Truth About Hair Loss And Baldness Cures

Have you ever heard that wearing a hat all the time can make you bald or if there is a no sign of hair loss on your mother’s side you will be safe? Hair loss is a condition that affects lot of people in the world and with so many myths to read and hear can be really hard to get the right answer about what can be done to prevent and treat the hair loss. There are various types of loss of hair and non of them are limited to the men in general. The most common form of hair loss is female and male pattern baldness which affect up to 40% of women and 80% of men.


When it comes to causes of hair loss stress is one of them. It cause overall thinning of the hair when certain hair follicles stop growing. Despite the stress, there are other causes like polycystic ovarian syndrome, thyroid problems, fever, severe illness, medications, smoking, unhealthy diet and more. Regular hair care like washing, dyeing, combing, blow-drying will not cause hair loss. It’s good hygiene to wash your hair often and whilst blow-drying can damage the hair by burning, but it will not cause your hair to stop growing. Wearing a hat will not make your hair falling, but wearing tight ponytails,braids or buns will do. Under these circumstances, over long period of time the hair will slow down and stop growing all together.

The list of hair loss causes goes on, but what about the treatment for hair loss in men and women. Thanks to the technology improvements today there are various treatments for hair loss that can be choose from, depending on the personal needs. With the hundreds of products made for hair loss, the truth of their claims can be as difficult to verify. Shampoos, gels, mousse and various medication, all they promising to help hair grow thicker. Supplements and other types of potions claiming to be the miracle cure, but all they are simply scams without scientific evidence. These remedies are targeted at people who are trying hard to find the right solution and treatment for hair loss in men.

In fact, there is one successful and proven treatment for hair loss in men and it’s called micro scalp pigmentation. If you haven’t heard yet, it’s not a big problem because is quite new technique gaining popularity each day more and more. The scalp pigmentation is a process of implanting pigments into your scalp by experienced and professional technician, replacing the same shape, size and colour of a follicle, giving you the illusion of a full head of hair. This medical grade tattooing is done with a very small dots which makes it very effective treatment for balding ad thinning hair. This treatment for hair loss in men is permanent, highly effective and safe. If you are not a candidate for hair transplant surgery, this is the right solution for you.


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