Coffee Tables Style: Enliven And Beauty

Modern Stylish Coffee Table

Since is a piece of furniture that takes the focal point in the living room, the coffee table is something that can not go unnoticed. It’s not just used for serving refreshments, drinks and snacks to the guests, but can also be used for many other purposes. You can place a vase of fresh flowers and enliven your living room or you can keep your books handy.

Serving multiple purposes, the choice of a coffee table should be well thought of. You can buy coffee tables in different frame materials and top such as glass, wood, marble, slate, metal and many more. Depending upon how much available space you have in the room and the other pieces of furniture around, you can choose coffee tables in various style, shapes and materials.

You put your heart into buying that perfect coffee table and you place it in the perfect location, but there is something more you need to do. You need to decorate it and you need to do this right. Here are some quick and easy tips on how to decorate your coffee table with style.

Layer the top. If your choice was larger coffee table, you can easily make some changes with a little bit of layering. A tray on the table will focus the attention on the table as well as organize it. The coffee tables can also be perfect place to showcase your decorative pieces and knick knacks. A center piece or vase can also be displayed on them.

Fresh coffee, fresh flowers. A fresh flowers will fill your house with natural fragrance and will add a dash of colour to your living room. They are instant fix to enhance the ambiance, so what better way than displaying a beautiful vase with fresh flower on your coffee table.

Something to read. These furniture pieces are not called coffee tables books for nothing. They are perfect place to display your favorite books. Also you can choose topics related to design, history and film, they will not only enliven your room but will also prove to be a conversation starter. As an ending decoration, you may lay a few decorative pieces on top.

Light a candle. Candles will brilliantly beautify your coffee table. They radiate a peaceful aura and these days you can find candles in many different designs, shapes, colours and fragrance. They will complement your décor and will enhance the mood of your home and add sense and sparkle of festivity. You can go for shaped candles or candles with the candle holders that can be placed on your coffee table.

Shine up with metal. Another great way to boost the appearance of your new coffee table is to show pieces that have metallic highlights. For example, you can use a glass or silver bowl and metal combination decorative pieces to focus the attention on your coffee table.

In good shape. To give an additional character, on a oval or circular table place a rectangular tray or a circular tray to a rectangular table. Globular centerpiece, a piece of coral or a bowl full of glass sweets are just few examples you can follow.

Not all in a row. Pieces that vary in height placed on the coffee table will break the symmetrical monotony. Ceramic or crystal vase, hurricane vases or geometric glass terrarium, decorative candles and candlesticks will impart a variation to your entire coffee table setting.


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