Tips For Cleaning Your Outdoor Rugs

During the summer time all we want is to spend less time inside the home and more time on the outdoors enjoying all the beauty nature has to offer to us. However, that also means cleaning our outdoor furniture and accessories, including outdoor rugs more often.

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Although the majority of outdoor rugs Australia shops offer are designed to withstand the elements, but to stay fresh, they need to be clean regularly. So here are some tips that you can use to keep your backyard oasis fresh and always ready for action.

1. Vacuum

Regular cleaning is the key to keeping you outdoor rug looking great all the time. Vacuum the rug in a regular basis to keep dirt from penetrating deep beneath the fibers and giving mold something to grow on. You should know that because outdoor rugs are completely synthetic, mold can’t grow on them. So, mold will only be present on these rugs if there is feeding on the soil and moisture trapped inside the rug.

2. Spot Clean

If the spill still fresh, remove the excess that’s on top of the rug and then with a soft, dry cloth blot the area repeatedly to wick the moisture out of the rug. Do not rub the spot as this can cause the spilled liquid to go deeper into the fibers. When you do that in some materials, you may think you’ve removed the spill completely, but with time, it will reappear because it is wicking up the fibers from the base of the rub. If necessary, you can use a mild detergent, water, and a soft brush to clean off any residue that is left. Allow the rug to dry completely before stepping on it.

3. Prevent Stains from spill problems

When it comes to wine or a tomato-based spill (tomato sauce or ketchup), you will have to absorb the stain in a different way to avoid it to stain your rug. Gently remove any excess of the spill. Next, use a dampened white cloth in club soda to absorb the stain. While you can use cloth from other colours, but a white cloth makes it easier to find out when you got all of it out – when there is no colour coming out on the white towel.

4. To clean a very large outdoor rug

To clean a quite big outdoor rug that you’ve placed on your pouch, use a mix of three spoons of neutral detergent in a three liters of water. You will also need a soft brush for spot cleaning or a large push broom to clean the whole surface of the rug. Apply this mixture on any spots that need to be cleaned and with the soft brush work it in gently movements. When using the mixture over the whole surface, a push broom is then more indicated for gently scrubbing the rug. Rinse the rug by using a hose and with a push broom, push all the excess of water away. Allow the rug to completely dry before placing it back.

Follow these easy tips for cleaning outdoor rugs and avoid having to visit outdoor rugs Australia shops every new season