Planning To Buy An Outdoor Sofa Bed? – Better Read Our Guide Stat!

Give your outdoor space a whole new look by adding an outdoor sofa bed. This is a great way to turn a patio into a second living room you don’t want to live ever. There’s nothing better than being able to rest in a comfy bed, while breathing in fresh air.


The outdoor area is the best place to entertain your family and guests during warmer months, but for this you will need a durable and comfortable outdoor sofa bed. An outdoor sofa takes relaxation to a whole new level, so now’s the time to pamper yourself and your family with one. With the different types, models, sizes, colours, shapes and materials of outdoor beds, you can easily find YOUR outdoor sofa bed.

However, before jumping into the stores, there are some things you need to consider related to outdoor sofa beds.

Frame Material

Frame is the basic support of the sofa, so it needs to be sturdy and durable in order to resist all the additional weight. There are different types of bed frames that differ by price, size and durability. Have a look at the most popular ones.

  • Metal

The most suitable types of metals for an outdoor sofa bed are stainless steel and rust-proof material. They can be easily molded to form a particular shape and require little maintenance. The main downside is that they can be heavy and more pricey.

  • Wood

Treated wood can last long even when used outdoors. They also can be shaped in any form you like and they don’t get too hot on touch when exposed on sun for many hours. The main downside is that wooden frames need to be covered as they can’t resist to elements like rain.

  • Wicker

Wicker is fancy and eye-catching type of material, which is suitable for outdoor furniture as it’s extremely lightweight. Its main downside is that it’s not sturdy enough.

  • Plastic

Plastic frames are the most affordable and lightweight, but not the most durable ones. Anyway, plastic wicker is the most popular type of outdoor furniture frames as it is both sturdy and elegant looking.


This is the second important thing you need to take into account when buying outdoor sofa bed. Thus, before making any final buying decision, determine the size of your patio and after that choose the one that will not take up too much space.


Outdoor sofa beds and chairs should be made from fabrics that can withstand exposure to outdoor elements.


When looking to buy an outdoor dofa bed always take into account the rest of the patio furniture and style. Fortunately, outdoor sofas come in different styles, so you can easily find the one that will match your current style.


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