Advantages and Disadvantages Of Vinyl Flooring


If you have a renovating bathroom project ahead and you are still wondering which flooring will be the best option for your space, then we greatly recommend you to purchase, not more, not less, but vinyl flooring tiles from a reputable online store, because not that this option requires a low maintenance but it is also a budget-friendly and you will easily fall in love with it once you have it installed in your home.

So now, let’s see what are the advantages and disadvantages of vinyl flooring and why its popularity has rapidly grown in the last years.

A vast range of design options

Scrolling online you will be surprised of the endless options of vinyl flooring tiles available. There are many versions of printed vinyl tiles that allow you to recreate the look of a natural stone, a hardwood (if that is what you prefer), or any other material you can think of. Vinyl tiles are suitable for the most frequented areas in the house like kitchens, bathrooms or entrance areas, and are also a great option for hospitals or other light traffic places like meeting rooms and offices.

Create a softer surface with vinyl flooring

It is a fact that vinyl tiles provide a slightly softer surface than the other options on the market, like ceramic or porcelain tiles, or varieties of wood surfaces because this material is backed with a thin layer of either foam or felt and is flexible at the same time.

Vinyl floors require low maintenance

Wow, what e relief for the busy housewives! Finally, they can take a deep breath of the long and exhausting hours of cleaning the stains on the floor with many cleaning solutions because vinyl tiles are very easy to clean and to care of. You only need a damp mop and a floor cleaner specially made for vinyl to get rid of those hard stains.

Water resistant

Hence one more reason why you should install vinyl flooring tiles in your bathroom or kitchen. This material is almost impervious to water penetration and is a great solution if you have a house full of kids who accidentally or when playing pour water everywhere around the house.

Quick installation

This is especially great for the homeowners who plan to renovate and install the flooring in their kitchen or bathroom themselves. They can save time, energy and won’t be stressed-out because the installation is very simple and very easy.

Great deal for affordable prices

That is for sure the best advantage of vinyl tiles. You can get all the pros mentioned above plus you’ll get great deal of your preferred tiles design, texture and colour.

Compared to all the advantages, disadvantages are not even close to them, but it’s is definitely good for you to know which are:

Difficult to repair

This is for sure one of the major disadvantages of the vinyl tiles flooring. It cannot be refinished if damaged, and it needs to be removed first and then replaced with another one.

Do not install vinyl in places that can easily catch fire!

When vinyl catches fire it will release some chemicals, that according to some experts, can be toxic for human beings. That is why it is not recommended to install vinyl tiles in commercial kitchens or other public places where there is a risk of fire.

Its colour can fade if exposed to direct sunlight

Vinyl cannot stand to ultraviolet rays, and that is why there is a possibility the colour or patterns in vinyl to start fading if the space where you have installed vinyl tiles is exposed to a constant sunlight.


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