Acapulco Chairs – Reasons Why Everyone Is Going Crazy About

When in comes to furniture and design there have been many success stories, we all know the stories about Hans Wegner or Ray Eames. A success story that we all know of but don’t really talk about is the Acapulco chair which has become just as iconic. Many of you might not know much about this chair and how it became an accidental icon, well lucky for you, today we’ll be going over what makes this chair so great, why everyone is going crazy about it, and interesting pieces of information that you may not know about the Acapulco chair.

acapulco chairs

One of the many reasons this chair is so popular is because no one is sure about who came up with the design, which makes it even more genius. There is a popular rumor about this chair which makes it all the more exciting and that rumor is that a french tourist wanted something more comfortable to sit on while soaking up the Mexican sun. While there is no credibility to this at all, it does have a nice ring to it and it does match the design. This has someone stunted the design as well with no ties to a credible designer it’s been hard for this chair to really break through.

The design of this chair could be described as mid-century and it has a certain aura of mystery, thanks to the designer not being known. This also gives it something special that some designs do not have, way too often have designs been catapulted into the limelight because of the famous name that may be attached to them, this is not the case with the Acapulco chair. This chairs identity definitely brings your mind to the 1950’s and 1960’s, it’s the kind of chair you could see next to a pool somewhere while you’re sipping cocktails in the sun. This could be a drawback as well, people tend to think of this chair as a vacation piece and are somewhat unsure whether this would work well in their homes or day to day lives.

Now this is an image that many people are trying to get rid of, this chair has been popping up everywhere in an attempt to show that it is more than just a holiday chair. While it does work well in gardens and pools more and more people are opting to use it in their cafes, bars and restaurants, both in public places and at home. This chair has proven that it is more than capable of working well in a variety of different spaces. It’s also been reinvented in the design sense, this chair was only available in fairly muted, neutral colours, but these days you can find it in a range of fun colours as well as sizes. Many designers have made the chair bigger and more comfortable in an attempt to show that it really is a chair that can do it all.

The reinvention of the Acapulco chair has been one that has been happening for the last couple years. You can find more and more of these chairs popping up everywhere and thanks to the internet you can even buy them worldwide. It is no doubt one of the most prominent symbols that represent a particular time and place all while keeping that great design that keeps it timeless. It is no doubt one of the most beautiful pieces that will remain a classic for a very long time. If you are interested in finding one for your home then you should consider looking around online where you can easily browse a huge range of Acapulco chairs, you are sure to find the perfect one for you.


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