Meditation Cushions: Which One Is Right For Me?

One of the most important aspects of meditation that is often overlooked is a meditation cushion. In order to reach your yoga movements, you must be comfortable – or you simply won’t be able to. Anatomically speaking, most spines needs support to withstand long periods of seating. So, if you tend to have an achy back or pins-and-needles in your feet while meditating, that means you need a meditation cushion to support your body. In fact, unless you are in the .01% of people who get to sit comfortably on the floor with no back support, a meditation cushion should be part of your meditation ritual.

Buy Meditation Cushions

The most common types of meditation cushions available are zabuton, zafu, v-shape yoga cushion, and zen yoga cushion. When looking to buy meditation cushions you should keep in mind that the function of these cushions is to keep your pelvis elevated so your hips are above your knees, allowing proper blood flow to your legs and feet. To make your shopping experience less daunting, here is a brief explanation of each type of meditation cushions so you can define with one is best for your body.


Due to its large size, a zabuton comes with a built-in support that makes sitting in crossed-leg easy – your knees rest on its cushy surface). With the other types, your knees fall to the floor. To be ideal, a round zafu cushion should be placed on top of the zabuton so you can sit on the round cushion with your knees dropping into the soft big square zabuton. But if your budget doesn’t allow you to buy two cushions at once, you can opt to buy the Zabuton alone.


As mentioned previously, you can use a zafu on top of a zabuton so your pelvis is elevated and you knees have cushioning. But you can use the zafu on its own as well. For extra padding, you can set down a blanket so you have something supportive to rest your knees. For proper spinal alignment, you should sit on the front half of the zafu and not in the center.

V-Shape Yoga Cushion

If you tend to have back or knee problems a v-shape yoga cushion can be an option for you as it supports your thighs and your pelvis as well. Similar to zabuton, this type of cushion is recommended to people who are already comfortable seated on the floor but want more padding and support. A great advantage of this cushion is that its small size allows it to fit on a chair, so you can sit with crossed legs on this cushion while working at your desk.

Zen Yoga Cushion

Due to is fullness and rectangular shape, this type of cushion is the highest of them all, which means it will give you the most elevation. This cushion provides more stability and is great for people who struggle to sit on the floor. Pairing the zen yoga cushion with the zabuton is also possible to add extra support for your knees allowing an extra comfortable set-up.

When looking to buy meditation cushions, keep in mind that it is hard to go wrong. Adding any type of cushioning will already support your meditation practice!



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