Hard Drive Bracket Explained

I just bought a used MacBook and it was a steal! Even though it is an older version ( 2009) the technical specification are still valuable and will help do my job right ( I am a video editor). The only problem I have is with the memory because it has so little memory 80gb and my one video can take up to 40 GB. Now it is not a biggy, really, the only thing is just to buy hard drive bracket. I have the opportunity to pick if I should use it as an internal or as external hard disk. To think about, I would rather go with an external because I can always take my work home! And, I am not a workaholic, I am an artist.

hard drive brackets

Basically, I went online and the first thing I searched is which brand of hard disk I should choose. There were a lot of second class, third class and even cheap ones for $5 and trust me there is no good technology for $5. There are two types of hard disk interfaces IDE and SATA. SATA are quite faster and more reliable than IDE, so that is the right way to go. From all the manufacturers on the market, I recommend buying an OWC drive. I took 1 TB drive and bought a good bracket go along with it.

The hard drive bracket is made from different types of materials such as plastic, metal, and aluminium. They can support USB 2.0, 3.0, Firewire port and Thunderbird. The bracket can have single or dual bays. The dual bay can be equipped with two internal hard drive and opposite to the single one. This is a great feature to have because the more the merrier as they say.

To be honest, External hard drive bracket offered me a lot of benefits such as portability, easy transfer to data, backup system and much more. In one situation, even saved me a lot of time and money. At work, we had a sudden power shortage and the hard disc on my iMac died. Luckily I always save my files onto my external hard disc!

Installing them is quite easy. Every hard drive bracket you buy comes with an instructional manual that leads you step-by-step and usually is done in just 20 minutes (10 minutes if you are experienced one). I have shared you my personal experience and if you are still in doubts, stop it and do the right decision. If you are a manager then propose this solution to the guys above you and explain the benefits, and if they are smart enough they will accept it in a minute!


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