Different Eye Colors and What They Say About Your Personality


It is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. There’s nothing truer than that – just take a look into a person’s eyes and you can find out what they are feeling and thinking at the moment. Aside from being a wonder of nature, eyes are also fascinating because of how much they can reveal about a person’s personality, skills, interests, and history. Keep reading to find out what does your eye color say about your personality!

Brown Eyes

Brown is the most common eye color in the world. Nearly 55% of the people have brown eyes. People with brown eyes are usually very kind, sensitive, confident and humble. They are great lovers and friends because they will do anything to make their loved ones feel happy and satisfied. Brown is down-to-earth color, which means that people with brown eyes are simple, polite, caring, creative and trustworthy.

Green Eyes

Green eye color is very rare. This color is associated with rejuvenation, renewal and rebirth. Green-eyed people are passionate, mysterious, and compassionate. These people are quick and decisive, so they perform exceptionally well where others fail. People with green eyes are curious and intelligent and always interested in new things. They have an incredible zest for life and are usually very attractive. The only negative thing about green-eyed people is that they tend to be more jealous than others.

Blue Eyes

Blue is the most desired eye color. Blue eyes are fresh and lively and people are instantly attracted to them. Studies have shown that blue-eyed people have all come from the same ancestor. It is believed that people with blue eyes can tolerate pain more than people with different eye color. People with blue eyes are peaceful, kind, smart and very energetic. They want long-lasting relationships and once they have that, they will do everything to make their partners happy.

Black Eyes

Black eye color is extremely rare. People with black eyes are trustworthy, mysterious and highly intuitive. They are reliable, loyal and will never let your secrets out to anyone, but they are reluctant to start new friendships. Black-eyed people are optimistic and hardworking, and will always give their best at whatever it is that they are doing. However, do not think that they are boring or serious – they have a wild side too.

Hazel Eyes

Hazel is a beautiful mixture of green and brown, even though it’s an uncommon color for eyes. These people are highly sensitive, very strong and secretive and possess immense stamina. Hazel-eyed people are fun-loving, courageous and spontaneous individuals who are always up for an adventure. They are great friends but they tend to get bored of monotony very easily.

Grey Eyes

Grey is a neutral color and very unique. Grey-eyed people are born leaders. They often find it hard to make rational decisions – but they always emerge stronger than ever. People with grey eyes are dominant, wise and gentle. They take love and romance seriously and they put all their passion in whatever they do. These people are creative, highly imaginative and flexible in their attitude.


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