The Perks of Growing Evergreen Trees

There is no doubt that the benefits of growing trees and shrubs are endless, especially when it comes to the environment and our health. Generally speaking, the reason why people plant trees is to provide shade and to beautify our landscapes.

Speaking of evergreen trees, there are a variety of trees and shrubs that fall into the evergreen category, and since they are evergreen, this means that they hold their leaves throughout the year regardless the season. Ficus hilli ‘Flash’ (Fig), Juniperus spartan (Chinese juniper), Magnolia grandiflora ‘Kay Parris’ (Kay Parris Magnolia), Syzygium ‘Backyard Bliss’ (Lilly Pilly) etc., are just some of the most popular types of the Evergreen tree family in Australia. They are green, extremely good looking and healthy to have around you. What’s more, planting evergreen trees around your home can save you up to 50% on winter heating cost as they can act as the perfect “windbreaker”.

evergreen trees - CopyThanks to their nature and their ability to hold their green leaves throughout all the seasons, this makes them extremely beneficial to use in your landscape. And since there are lots of different types of evergreen trees to choose from, it is of vital importance to buy from a reliable store as this is the only way to make sure that you will receive the right type of evergreens in the perfect condition. Speaking from another point of view, there are lots of different ways in which evergreens can be used in your landscape, and that is why we have decided to show you some of the few benefits and uses of evergreens these days.


Evergreens will help you create a beautiful backdrop in which you can enjoy throughout the year. By choosing different varieties of evergreen plants you can create a very joyful, vibrant and pleasing display in which you can relax your eyes from the busy day.


With the help of evergreens you can outline your garden beds and paths, Choose different varieties and sizes to create a joyful area that will accentuate your garden and create a stunning effect throughout the year.


If you want to hide from the eyes of the nosy neighbours, you can create a fence around your yard with the help of the lush season long foliage of evergreens like arborvitae, juniper and more.

Hide Areas Of Your Home

In case you have some areas in your home that you want to hide, evergreens are the perfect way to hide them. In fact, they are the perfect way to hide your water faucets, homes foundation, water meters or any other area you may not like. Just choose the right type of evergreen plant and enjoy in its beauty.


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