How to Unlock Your Mysterious Dreams About Someone You Love


Dreams are like long, exciting and eye-opening (metaphorically) movies that we watch on a nightly basis in our brains. When we wake up, we barely remember a thing we dreamed about, despite our efforts to interpret the message that our sub-conscious is trying to convey. But what if there is a way to catch a glimpse into our brains and take control over our dreams? There are many researchers who study dreams, the way they work, why do we dream and what do they have to do with our lives. Whether they will ever find answers or not, we’ve learned how to interpret dreams by deciphering numbers, letters, symbols, events and everything else we see in our dreams.

Dreams can inspire us, soothe us and even frighten us, but are they really a way of conveying messages from our sub-conscious to our conscious minds? The well-known Austrian physician, Sigmund Freud, explored parts of the human brain that no one else did before and concluded that dreams connect us with our unconscious minds. The mixture of thoughts, feeling, sounds, noises, images and sensations can make a big difference, but only if you know how to identify the signs. Even though the human’s brain is still an unsolved mystery, we, the people of Earth, have decided to think of dreams as a warning sign on the path we’ve taken.

We dream about people we know and places we’ve been to, but we also dream about people we’ve never met and places we’ve never been to. Dreams about the people we love are definitely the most common ones and the reason for that is yet to be found. This leads to one of the most commonly googled questions: what does it mean when you dream about someone you love? There is no absolute answer to this question, since each detail has potential to impact the whole meaning of the dream.

Freud believed that only you are able to successfully interpret your own dreams about the person you love. He also believed that if you’re dreaming about a person you love that you haven’t seen in a while, you’re actually fulfilling a wish to see that person. The symbolic representation of them could also mean that something is going on in your love life and your dream is in fact a call for a change. Inspired by Freud’s logical theory, many other dream interpreters concluded that dreams are personal and depend on many factors in an individual’s life.

In order to successfully interpret your mysterious dreams about the person you love, you must pay attention on everything that’s going on in your dream. The first advice is to recognize the initial impression of your dream as soon as you wake up from it. Most of the time, the initial impression is the right one. The more you analyze it, the farther you get from its real meaning. Another one is to write down each of your dreams about the one you love, because this way you’re less likely to exclude as many details. In your dream-journal, try to include as many numbers, letters, symbols, names and other details as possible, so you can reveal more of what your sub-conscious is trying to tell you.

If you’re still wondering what does it mean when you dream about someone you love, that means you haven’t grabbed yourself a dream interpretation book and started paying the required attention on your dreams yet. The sooner you start interpreting your dreams about the person you love, the sooner you’ll know what is that urgent that your sub-conscious desperately wants you to know about your love life.


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