Hard Music Instrument Case Or Gig Bag – Which One Is Better?

For every musician, transporting his instrument from one place to another without being damage is of main importance. To protect this valuable producer of sound, people have two choices: to use hard music instrument case or gig bag. What you will choose depends on your needs and preferences, but in this article, we will present you some of the pros and cons of both types, so you can make more informed decision.


Hard music instrument case – This type of music instrument case offer solid protection from external loads and keep the instrument securely in place. The disadvantage of these cases is they are bulky and hard to carry, zips can be break easily if not used careful and they come in limited colours and styles.

The most preferred option for most manufacturers of instrument cases is hard polystyrene/ styrofoam moulded shell usually with zippable canvas exterior. This makes the case lighter and because they usually always come with the specific shape of the instrument, the movement inside the case is limited, thus there are fewer chances for damage. Zips are quality and work well, but they still need to be operated carefully.

The main downside with this cases is that they tend to be cumbersome and bulky, making them difficult to carry, especially when it comes to larger instruments. Hard cases are usually available in one colour – black, which means there is not much choice on the market for those who want to brighten up their instrumental world.

Gig bags – Unlike hard cases, gig bags come in wide array of colours and styles. They are easy to carry and feature a lot of pockets and storage space for other accessories. The real downside of these bags is that they do not have a rigid shell to protect the instrument from damage. They have been around for many years and are still quite popular. The fact that they come in many different sizes, shapes and colours gives the musician the chance to express a bit of his individuality.

Gig bags are practical endogenous since their backpack straps and the standard handle makes it very easy to carry. This makes them a perfect choice for students who manoeuvre around a bus or walking to school. The zipped pocked placed on different parts are just great for storing different types of accessories. The only time when gig bag may disappoint you is if it ends up under other instruments or hard music instrument case.

We hope that reading these pros and cons of both, hard instrument case and gig bag will help you make the right choice.


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