Robot vs. Manual Welding

Welding is a procedure where two materials are blended and fused together through heating and intermixing. After that, the material needs to cool in order to form a strong join. Arc welding and spot welding are just some of the many processes new and used welding robots use when there is needed a repetitive, quality and speedy weld. Robotic welding is one of the most important component of almost any manufacturing line, and it is an automated process that can increase the consistency, efficiency, and your ROI in no time.

welding robot

The great thing about using a welding robot services is that it can work up to several days without stopping, and the advantages of using welding robots are many like faster, and consistent cycle times, better weld quality and no break in production. When compared to manual welding, robot welders are faster and more consistent, meaning you can move from one weld to the next quickly while speeding up the entire process. Robots can also come in handy when an access to a part is limited or difficult to reach, meaning that you can use them in smaller areas. Let’s have a look at some of the robot welding advantages over manual welding.

Takes Less Time

The first and most important benefit of robot welding over manual welding is that robotic welders will get the job done professionally and faster than manual welders. No matter if you have or use new or used welding robot/s, they can make fewer mistakes than manual welding. Unlike labourers, robot welders don’t require break between the process meaning that your work can continue without interruption. On that way, your throughput and productivity will be increased.

No Cost of Direct Labour & Safety

Manual welding requires time, skill and concentration but it is also extremely dangerous. Welding itself is a very dangerous application meaning that robotic welding will protect workers and reduce any related costs. Robot welding systems endure the hazards, increase production and reduce insurance and accident-related costs.

Conserve Materials

In manual welding, even the most skilled welders can make mistakes. With robot welding, this is impossible as everything is regulated, including power and wire. Robot welding systems are extremely accurate, meaning there is less wasted material and time. Robot welding conserves your material and increases your product quality at the same time!

Flexible & Space Savvy

Last but not least, robots can be used to weld different products. When compared to manual welders they require less floor space, allowing you to use it for something else.


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