Things to Consider When You Shop For Blinds

Although many window types are amazingly beautiful on their own, plain windows do not offer much privacy. For that reason, many people opt for the ultimate solution – window blinds. These window treatments will not only provide you with the much-needed protection, but they will also act as a decorative element in your interior design scheme.

But before you hit the store to shop for blinds, it is worth pondering some important options to ensure you make exactly the right choice. Here are some considerations to keep in mind before making your final

  1. Wood blinds, shades, or plantation shutters – which one is better?
    Wood blinds feature horizontal slats that are attached to each other with fabric and cords. You can raise, lower or tilt the entire blind and also open and close the slats. They offer great insulation for both summer’s heat and winter’s cold.
    Shades don’t have slats, so you have to raise or lower the entire shade to control the light. They operate by pulling a cord to raise or lower the shade and offer a great insulation and privacy.
    Plantation shutters offer the greatest style and curb appeal. They can have either movable or fixed louvers (horizontal pieces) connected by a tilt rod, which is a vertical piece that allows the shutters to rotate open or close.
  2. What kind of product material to choose?Blinds and plantation shutters are often made from premium Faux wood, Bass wood, or composite. Know that blinds made from premium Bass wood are usually more expensive than the Faux wood or composite blinds, which look just like real wood. There is also bamboo shades that are made from natural bamboo jute or fabric materials. Take a good look at the colours, finish and overall design patterns to choose the blinds accordingly to your space.
  3. Know how to get the best deal for your blindsIf you want you can choose to pay full price for your blinds at your local retail store. However, you can also choose to shop for blinds online and get a significant discount on them. You can see colours and styles on different websites and even request colour samples. Be confident that shopping for blinds online is easy and safe as buying them at your local store.
  4. Know if you have special requirementsIf you have an unusual window shape in your home, then you will probably need to get a blind made especially for it. If you are looking to save on energy costs, then you may want to consider insulating window covering like roman shades. Cellular or honeycomb is the highest rated insulating shade. Next on the list comes plantation shutters followed by wood blinds and solar shades. If you have small children in your household, you might want to consider cordless shades for safety reasons.

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