Occasional Tables: Multipurpose Pieces That Add to the Style


Derived from a mix of the Old English ‘tabele’, the French word ‘table’ and the Latin word ‘tabula’, the word ‘table’ means a plank, a board or a flat piece. The first and most primitive tables were discovered in China and Egypt, they were in use about 5,000 years ago. The dining tables were introduced by the Greeks and the Romans about 3,000 years later than that. As the centuries passed by, occasional tables have become more and more popular for any living room, these days they can be found in almost every home.

An occasional table is perfect for any room, however, most of them are found in living rooms, but they are known to be put in bedrooms, hallways and dining rooms. They are mainly used to hold items on them such as candles, ornaments, vases, photographs, telephones and lamps. They are also a really great and convenient place to put down your drink. A nest of tables is great for this kind of purpose when you give your guest a drink, you’ll pull out a table from the nest and you will give them a place where they can set their drink down. Lamp tables are just perfect for setting a phone or a plant on them or to be put on the side of a sofa.

You can display a lot of different items on lamp and side tables, this includes vases, ornaments and your favourite photos. You get plenty of storage space with occasional tables, for stacking magazines on top, plus some of them have space under the top for extra storage space. Not only do these tables have a great look and are really practical, if you place them around your home while you have some decorative pieces on top of them and you will bring the complete look of a room around.

Some of the features of occasional tables include shelves, cupboards, drawers and some even have a wine rack, while others are just an ordinary and plain tables. When it comes to choosing a table you have a few things to keep in mind. The first thing to keep in mind is where you want to put the table and to make sure that it will fit the colour of the wood and the decor of the rest of the room. The size of the table relative to where you want to put it and the last key thing is whether you want to assemble it by yourself or you want to order one that’s already assembled.


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