While Away the Hours Outdoors with the Right Bean Bag Chair


Comfy, fun, appealing…bean bags can be the best addition to any area of your home, even outdoors. I bought my last bean bag last summer and ever since this became my favourite place to sit and relax. They are the comfiest place where I can watch a TV and even read a book, and this spring/summer season I’m planning to adorn my balcony and outdoor space with two sunlounger  outdoor bean bag chairs. At this precise moment, I’m imagining myself relaxing on my comfy bean bag outdoor lounger by the pool, while drinking my favourite Bacardi Breezer “Tropical Lime” drink and chit-chatting with my bestie. Priceless.

The warmer months are already here, so why not try and make them more fun, relaxing and cosy? Investing in a good bean bag or outdoor bean bag chairs is the best place from where you can start, so why not?! Since I have an experience with bean bags, I have decided to share with you some tips  you should pay attention on before buying one.

Warranty is Important

Just like buying new outdoor furniture with warranty, you shouldn’t also forget to check the outdoor bean bag’s warranty as well. If you are going to buy from a reliable and trusted retailer, you can be sure that the chair will come with a warranty, but you know how they say measure twice, cut once. Before making the purchase, this is the first thing you should consider.


…What about the Filling?

The filling should be your second concern as you surely don’t want to sit on something uncomfortable. Polystyrene bead filled bean bags, for example, are great as they are lightweight and easy to move around, however, you should keep in mind that they would break down over time meaning that you will have to refill your bean bag which can be quite costly.

Polyurethane foam fill, on the other hand, is super soft and comfy and it won’t break down. These types of bean bags are usually heavier and more difficult to move. If possible, make sure you choose an eco foam fill that is non-carcinogenic.

Size Matters

Bean bags also come in different sizes, but the key to choosing the right one is to consider your height and weight. The taller you are, the bigger the bean bag should be in order to get the most support and comfy seat.

Pick the Right Material

Last bot not least, the type of material you choose is of vital importance. When choosing a bean bag chair or sunlounger, make sure you choose a durable one and one that is resistant to stain and water. If possible ask for a cover for easier maintenance and clean up.


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