Let’s Ponder on the High or Low Bed Frame Dilemma

We all know how important is the good sleep for our well being. Feeling no problem to wake up the next morning when your alarm rings is a sign that you are sleeping on a quality mattress, placed on the right bed frame. But what if your back pain is always here and never goes away? Is this telling you anything? Yes, this means it is time for changes. Your mattress and bed frame need a new replacement? If you think that the bed frame has no any fault when it comes to your back pain you are wrong. Each piece of the bed has its role when it comes to the quality of your sleep so it is the time to get yourself ready and look to buy bed frame that will suit your needs. Yes, we know there are many of them out there, but the biggest dilemma when you need to buy bed frame is: which one is better, high or low bed frame?


If you are in doubt like just many other people, take a look at some of the pros the both type of bed frames offer so you can make your choice based on an informed decision.

Low bed frame

Looks more modern than the high model. This is one of the reasons why is a number one choice among the most of the people including some of the celebrities. This type of bed instantly gives the room a minimalistic, cool aesthetic. Because they are low in height, this type of beds is considered as low-risk beds. Falling from a low bed is definitely less painful compared to falling from a high bed. So if you a person that have a habit of injuring yourself while doing your everyday things, maybe the low bed is a choice for you.

Yes, you will have a lack of storage with this bed, but let’s be honest. How many things you have in the home that you actually do not need but you are not strong enough to throw them away? The high school prom dress, some old makeup or magazines. You will never ever use this thing but you will still put them underneath your bed. So, without that space, you must get rid of them thus make your home less cluttered.

Want to improve your body shape? With low bed even getting out of it is like working out. Squats are very popular and useful, and if you cannot get yourself in the gym, you can make squats every day at home by just getting in and out bed. Simply, owning a low bed is easier. There is no bed skirt to worry about and you do not need a box spring unless you really want one. Their sleeker low frames make these beds perfect fit for small spaces.

High bed frame

The low bed is modern, but a high bed is classic and will never go out of style. Also, people who already own such bed say that waking up in a pro high bed is much easier. This makes it a perfect choice for a non-morning person that every day is struggling to get out of bed. When the alarm goes off, it is much easier to wake up and sit in a high bed. Your feet are dangling off the side while your slippers are strategically placed waiting to slide right on. Isn’t this a great start to the morning?

Storage space. This is something that low beds do not come with and in most cases is a key feature. The free space under your bed can provide you with enough room to store a number of bins, baskets or drawers and organize a lot of different items you do not want to get rid off. This can be very useful, especially if you are short on closet space. Also, low beds are the worst nightmare for germaphobes. With high bed, you do not need to worry about turning over and falling out of bed and find all those germs and dirt on the floor right next to your mouth.

Last but not least, lying on a high bed makes you feel comfortable and beautiful. It makes you feel like you are sleeping in luxury. Think about it, have you ever seen a royal bedroom with a low bed?


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