Umbrella Base Stand: Ensure Your Patio Sunshade Performs

With spring already here and the hot summer days fast approaching, patio umbrellas are an essential accessory of your outdoor seating area that will keep you cool during those sizzling hot days. A patio umbrella not only provides shade for your backyard, but it also makes your space more functional and adds comfort to your seating area. Your patio umbrella can become an integral part of your outdoor sitting area, but only when adjusted on the right umbrella base stand.


Most model of umbrellas these days don’t come with a base, and even when they do include one it is not exactly the best quality and usually doesn’t provide the necessary support. Therefore investing in a quality base stand is a must-have to ensure your umbrella will stand straight and upright, instead of you running after or adjusting it every time a gust of wind appears.

Factors like size, material, design all come into play when choosing the right umbrella base stand. First thing you should consider before you make your purchase is how you would want to use it. Do you plan on using it with a patio table or maybe you want it to stand alone? Not all umbrella stands are designed to fit every umbrella, it is essential to determine the size of your umbrella pole and choose a stand model that will fit that specific size. When the diameter of the pool is too small for the tube stand there is of course space for the umbrella to lean and rotate and when it windy it can easily get carried away. If you want the base to goes through the opening of a patio table then it is important to make sure the base table will will not only fit the opening of the table but the are underneath as well. If you have a freestanding umbrella, in this case it is best choose a sturdy and heavy base that will provide the necessary support and stability especially when it gets windy.

Lighter base stands are best suited for table umbrellas since these already have the support from the table itself. Besides size and weight, another important factor to bare in mind is the material from which the base stand is made. Steel is a great choice and it makes the base sturdy, durable and highly resistant to different weather conditions. Besides the plain and simple finish of steel goes well with any kind of outdoor décor plus many models made from this type of material come with screw lock mechanism to ensure your umbrella stays securely into place. Fibreglass bases are a good option as well, they have a durable construction and are rust resistant which means they can last you a very long time. Models made from resin are also quite resistant, they won’t damage easily and are very easy to clean. Moreover they can be filled with water or sand to provide additional support.



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