Pelican Storm Case Keeping Your Equipment in Prime Condition

Transporting your sensitive equipment calls for proper protection inside a durable storage case that is manufactured to be highly resistant to impact and scratches and has a practical design at the same time. The perfect case for storing your valuable equipment should also be lightweight with convenient handles and wheels so you can easily take it with you not just to work but when your are travelling as well.


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Solid wall construction along with specious interiors with a lot of cushioning to provide the best protection against impact are the key features to look out for in a high-quality case for your sensitive tools. Designed for storing all kinds of sensitive equipment including electrical devices, medical supplies, mechanical tools, photography gear and many other the Pelican storm case is the ideal solution for safely transporting your delicate tools. It can provide both superior protection and practical storage.

Pelican is a leading manufacturer of some of the best protective cases on the market. The cases are manufactured using the fines materials and come with a life time guarantee. They are the product of years of testing and the result is high-quality design combined with advanced features. The Pelican storm case is perfect for travelling, easy to use and will last you for many years to come. It has a strong construction and features stainless steel padlock protectors that provide optimum protection. Opening and closing the case can be done with a simple and quick movement through the double-throw latches that incorporate a push button mechanism. Carrying around your equipment is easier than ever before with the in-line wheels that feature a ball bearing that provides low friction. They are very durable and resistant to dust and dirt meaning they won’t wear out easily. For transporting heavier loads the double-layered handles come with a comfortable grip and have a durable design.

The interior of the case can include various padded compartments, where you can organize your equipment, and is lined with pick n pluck foam that provides a lot of cushioning. Polypropylene copolymer is the material used in the manufacturing of the Pelican cases. This is a high-quality, lightweight material that is extremely resistant to chemicals. The cases are also designed to withstand very low and high temperatures (from -40ºC up to +90ºC). Moreover, they are waterproof and feature an o-ring on the lid along with a special membrane in the pressure equalization valve whose purpose is to prevent water from getting inside the case. With all that being said we can conclude that Pelican cases are undoubtedly the best when it comes to giving your sensitive equipment the protection it deserves.


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