411 on How to Pull off Contemporary Style


Contemporary style is famous for its simplicity; neutral colours, smooth lines, and furniture without embellishment are key characteristics of this style and keep the room looking open and fuss-free. While contemporary style also includes some elements of modern style, but its softer edges and warmer neutrals makes it different and unique, and lead a more comfortable and inviting look into the room.

If you are looking to achieve the look of a contemporary home here is what you need to do.


Contemporary furniture features clean lines and smooth surfaces and doesn’t have any carving or adornment. It is generally made of light-colored woods such as birch and maple (which have almost no graining) clear or frosted glass, nickel stainless steel and chrome.


This is an example of a contemporary table. With its light colour and spacious design, this contemporary table can add a cool, modern vibe to your home. For special dinners, use some candle lights and a beautiful centerpiece and you are ready to go.


Colour palettes that go with the contemporary style include taupe, brown, cream and pure white. Hints of colour can be added on a single wall, or on a floor rug, or in a piece of art.


Linen, wool and silk are natural fabrics highly used in contemporary style due to their textural aspect and inherent neutral hues. To add a geometric pattern into the design use pillows,  a throw or a rug.


In a contemporary interior, the lighting design is seen as an artistic statement of the style. Floor and table lamps must have straight lines, sleek metallic finishes, and colour should be added with a special shade.

Line and Space

The key element of a contemporary style interior décor is line. It is represented in the form of high ceilings, architectural details, bare windows, wall art, geometric shapes and sculpture. Remember, in contemporary interiors, less is more. Each detail or piece is seen as individual and unique. Make use of structural elements. For example, broken bricks offer stability and texture and exposed plumbing pipes are pretty acceptable in a contemporary style interior.

All in all:

  • Avoid using excessive carved details, ruffles, fringe, or floral prints in contemporary style interior. Stay away from cute and small and choose to go bare, basic, bold and structural.
  • Use simple furniture and accessories to create a bold statement in a contemporary room décor.
  • Choose a neutral background and bring your favorite colour on a piece that will stand out.
  • Floors that fit the contemporary style include bare and smooth wood, vinyl and tile floors.

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