Ottomans: Your Quick Change Interior Design Ally


ottomans-1Оttomans are pieces of furniture you simply can’t go wrong with. You can use them as extra seating, as an accent table, and some even allow extra storage. Furthermore, ottomans work well in tight spaces and can easily be moved around.

When it comes to style, ottomans Australia retailers offer a piece to fit any interior décor. Available also in different sizes, getting away with bold prints or interesting patterns can be pretty easy. Below you will find some great ottomans and the best ways to use them.

These cubes have a graphic pattern that I’ve been seeing a lot in interior décor lately. They are a great way to bring vivid colour to a room that feels too bland.


Create the cozy feel in your working environment using ottomans around the meeting table. Not only is this great seating for quick meetings, but you can also pull then under the table when not in use to allow easy traffic. Choose a bold pattern to keep the serious feeling withing the space.


Place a couple of ottomans under a foyer table for a stylish entryway solution. You can also tuck one under your bathroom vanity and just pull it out to sit and apply your makeup comfortably.

When it comes to home décor, natural materials are always a great choice. These ottomans have a natural feel that’s perfect for a relaxing space. They are also a good idea for the end of the bed.


For small rooms, your best bet is ottomans that have storage. That way you will have your ottomans serving you double duty as a coffee table as well. In other words, you will have a tabletop that you can easily move around and a hidden place to store your stuff.

Before you start visiting ottomans Australia stores, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. Like any home décor accessory, it is important to remember that what looks amazing in a picture or in a showroom might not physically fit in your room. So, figure out the measures of the ottoman before you buy it. This way you will avoid surprises when you bring it home.

The shape of the ottoman is also another factor to consider as it can greatly impact the look of the room. For example, a large square ottoman can become the main feature in the room, doubling as a coffee table to display beautiful decorative accessories. On the other hand, a tall, cylinder-like ottoman can bring a more modern feeling to a room. Shop around to find a model that fit your needs and room décor.



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