Fir Portable Sauna: When Pampering & Freedom Meet


It’s a well-know fact that sweating helps you body get rid of the harmful toxins, but it also helps you burn calories more efficiently and what better way to sweat and rejuvenate your body than in a hot steaming sauna. But, finding the time to indulge in a relaxing sauna treatment can be quite the challenge in this fast-paced and busy wold we live in today. Besides, most of the saunas in hotels and spa centers have specific rules, so in many cases you have to share your treatment with strangers with no clothes on or just a towel which is not the most pleasant experience, especially if you’re shy. But even if you’re completely comfortable sharing sauna with other people, this is not the most hygienic option and most of the time public saunas are places where many bacteria and germs can linger even in cases when they have been properly cleaned, so you might be exposing yourself to infections that can put your health at risk.

The good news is that you can still enjoy the amazing benefits of heat therapy thanks to the advanced fir portable sauna which is designed to deliver you a relaxing spa experience and all that in the comfort of your home. So what exactly is a Fir portable sauna? Well, let me introduce you to this amazing device that will for sure become one of the most treasured possessions in your home. This is basically a self-contained sauna dome that is lightweight and portable which meas you can put it anywhere you want in your home and enjoy spa moments anytime, whether that be in the morning or at night after a long day at work. The sauna dome comes with all the needed accessories to make it suitable for home use including  a special curtain, a handy control box, a power cord and connecting cables. The portable sauna makes use of Infrared technology to deliver you soothing heat that is able to penetrated deeply into your body and provide effective heat therapy.

The sauna helps with detoxification by raising the normal temperature of your body causing you to sweat excessively. By releasing a greater amount of fluids your body is able to quickly get rid of all the toxic substances. Besides helping your body release harmful toxins, the fir portable sauna can boost both your physical and mental health as well. The heat generated by the sauna dome is able to relieve tension and help the body relax allowing you to de-stress. If you suffer from back pain and neck stiffness the portable sauna can also help you get rid of muscle aches and fatigue by stimulating blood circulation,  improving muscle recovery and reducing back pain.



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