Explaining the Benefits of PAT Testing

PAT testing is an acronym for portable appliance testing. It’s an important process and it is required at every commercial building. If you want to keep your company in business, your employees and your customers safe, you would need to get a PAT tester. There is a legal responsibility that is put on all employers and employees that they must follow the rules and regulations set by the government. This includes doing a pat test on all of the appliances that are used in your area of work. There are many benefits that you will get from testing all of the electronic equipment that you work with.

Ewan Mathers www.ewanmathers.com

The biggest risk of working with electrical equipment is, without a doubt, getting electrocuted. This can happen due to a lot of reasons. The equipment can be faulty, broken or it isn’t made in the right way. Being electrocuted isn’t fun, you will end up in the hospital. If the shock is a bit more powerful, you could end up losing your life. Someone could put themselves in danger, but when all of the equipment is tested with a PAT tester all of the risk disappears and everyone can work with the equipment without the fear of being electrocuted.

The biggest benefit of having PAT testers is that they are going to reduce the risk of someone getting electrocuted. A PAT test checks for any kind of problems inside of the electrical equipment. The tester will tell you if there is an issue so that you can fix it and avoid much larger problems. If the problems inside cause the equipment to break the company might have to pay large sums of money in order to repair it or buy a new one. This way you lose a lot of business and profit. By checking to find out if there is a problem, you can easily and cheaply fix it.

Another huge benefit of checking if your gear works is that insurance companies will be satisfied and there won’t be any problems if something happens. If you haven’t checked your appliances and an electrical fire erupts, the insurance company might deem the policy you have signed as void. Without the proper PAT testing certificate, all claims are declined by the insurance company when electrical fires are involved. This way, if some accident happens, you can be sure that it wasn’t your fault and the insurance company will be able to accept your claim.



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