Hallway Tables: The Jawels of the Entrance of Our Homes

Most frequently seen in hallways, the console table is the piece that adds style to your home you can enjoy right away when you walk in the door. We also love them because of their functionality, they can provide storage, add light and ensure you will always know where you left your keys. They work great in pair with a mirror with an interesting frame design, you can pair it with those extra chairs you only use when your dining table has the leaf in, you can use the underneath space to display some interesting basket or sculpture, etc.


Today, you have so many choices of hallway tables like never before. Different styles, shapes, and sizes all designed to suit different needs and styles. If you are in search for the perfect one for your hallway, here is how to make a choice.

Consider your storage needs

Hallway tables come in so many styles, but those that offer a storage space seems to be a better choice. This way you can have a perfect place for many of your small items but first of all, consider what you need to store in. Some tables have drawers, but much of the storage area is open and visible so you should be careful with the items you are planning to display and try to avoid clutter. In case you need to store a lot of items, buy console table with drawers. For additional light and style, you can put some table lamps on the top.

Blend the hallway table with your existing décor

Keep the interior décor theme in mind so you can convey a uniform look. If your home feature traditional décor or cottage style then a hallway table made of sturdy oak would be just perfect. On the other hand, in a modern home that features minimalism and many sleek lines, think about modern glass or metal table. Do not forget the colour scheme of the room as well.

Choose a console table style

One characteristic that divide these tables from others is their narrowness, otherwise, they could be any shape from rectangular to round. Some of them have four others have only one or two legs in the front and therefore require wall support. Some styles are self-standing so they can work perfectly well on their own in front or beneath of a sofa as well. Console tables made of wood come with so many finishes and designs to choose from. Other materials used for hallway tables include metal and glass.


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