Know the Vacuum Cleaner Types & Choose Yours Right

Staying ahead of the lint, dust and grit can easily makes you nervouse. Living and working in a clear environment is vital for your health so cleaning the space regularly is essential routine. Vacuum cleaners are definitely the most important cleaning tools in this process. Literally, there is no home, office or any other residential or commercial space that doesn’t use vacuum cleaning. Thanks to the technological advancements, today there are so many different types of vacuum cleaners to choose from, each of them designed to suit different cleaning needs. No matter you need a vacuum cleaner for home use of for your warehouse here is how to select the right type for you.


Wet and dry vacuum

You need something to clean your workshop or garage floor? Then wet and dry vacuum is what you should look for. These vacuums are a large type of machines designed specifically for workshop environments. They are useful for picking up large amounts of liquid spills and other construction debris without and issue. A perfect choice for construction clean up. Sheetrock dust and sawdust can be easily cleaned as well as any other debris that can ruin your regular vacuum cleaner. There is a water collected in your basement? Keep calm because this type of vacuum can collect all the water for you without a hassle. However, if you decide to buy wet and dry vacuum consider the size and gallon capacity.

Commercial vacuum

This type of cleaning machines are designed to deal with the wear and tear of commercial cleaning. They are commonly used in restaurants, hotels, office buildings and other commercial businesses. Usually, these vacuums come with three-pronged grounded plugs and thicker, heavier wiring what makes them usable for many hours each day. No matter how big is the area that needs to be clean, the fact that these vacuums have long cord means you do not need to move the whole machine and the plug from one outlet to another. Although there are designed for commercial use they still have the same suction power as regular vacuums for household cleaning.


Canister vacuum

These are considered as the most versatile type of vacuum cleaners and are a great choice for all types of bare floors. They come with additional attachments that can help you to maneuver around and under the furniture pieces that most uprights cannot navigate. They also can be bought with special nozzles for deep carpet cleaning and smooth floor brush that will sweep your floor while the vacuum suctions the dirt. Most canister vacuums come with additional attachments for crevices, dusting, and upholstery while the tools, wands, and hose reach than those on uprights. With this type of vacuum cleaner, you will always have your floors free of grit and dirt.


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