High Flow Air Filters – the Best Choice for Your Vehicle


Air filters are one of the most crucial part of your vehicle, because it has the main function to protect the engine from any dust or dirt which can really affect the overall performance. You should clean the filter regularly so you can be certain that is optimized and replace the filter on a yearly basis. For that reason you should buy high flow air filters to avoid reduced horsepower and unsual engine sounds. The quicker you react, the better it gets, because the clogged air filter can cause a lot of damage to other parts not only the engine.

The filter gets contaminated too much with pollutants and debris, and the engine starts having trouble working on the optimal level which leads to increased fuel consumption. When the dirt and clogged air inside the high flow air filters reduce the efficiency of the A/C systems results in reduced air flow from the engine cabin vents. You can pick either from standard or a high flow air filter, which the high flow one is the best choice. The standard ones are constructed with papper thtat is made from different types of wood pulp to create durable material. However, they are inexpensive, yet require a lot of maintenance and the need for replacement is very often every couple of months. Additionally, paper filters reduce the air flow in the engine thus reducing the efficiency.

On the other hand, high flow air filters are created to constantly provide airflow to the combustion part of the engine. With this filter, your engine can handle a higher volumes of air and be efficent for every drop of fuel. The engine will run smoothly and will only need low maintenance than the standard model. The most common material used for this filter is foam, which makes it really durable. Another models are made from cotton which generally include a couple of layers of cotton-gauze cloth thus making it more air flow friend, and can trap a big number of dust particles without getting overburden with it.

The thing that foam filters are known for is the enhanced air flow which comes from the great amount of pockets that are created to trap dust and other materials. By using a high flow filter, there  are great amount of benefits that makes your engine performance on a higher level. Also, this type of filters can be used many times, because it is made from washable material and can be cleaned easily. Furthermore, the installation is very easy and can be fitted in a lot of types of vehicles.


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