Best Blogs about Java Software Development

If you happen to be eager to succeed into the field of software development, you’re most probably (already) a Java addict. Since the best-in-the-field Java developers usually earn a rather hefty amount of money for their software development abilities, you’d probably want to succeed in the world of not-so-many successful Java architects, and start earning the big bucks. Thus, it’s vital for you to upgrade your programming know-hows with the latest Java Software tutorials, courses and blogs on the topic, which would eventually help you learn about the latest tools and tricks you need in order to solve many problems and challenges that may occur in the world of programming.


Check out the following blogs, and enjoy the bounteous doses of Java they offer:

The Java Source

If you want to always be updated on time with the most recent news from the world of Java, the Java Source is a great blog to start from. It publishes the most up-to-the-minute news from Oracle’s Java Team, their practices and many of their inspirational anecdotes. The Java Tutorials Blog always features the latest information about the newly released Java technologies, and (it’s not a blog, though) is one marvelous online community where Java professionals share their experiences.

Java World

The Java World site (most certainly) hosts the largest collection of Java software development resources on the WWW. For this reason, the site is the favorite virtual destination of many of the most committed Java developers and architects in the world. The Java World site also features a great number of blogs and columns where some of the most distinguished experts in the field share their professional advice and insights.

InfoQ’s Java Section

The InfoQ site is one very solid publishing site for Java developers, featuring inhouse-produced and recent news, articles and interviews on everything connected to Java. No matter whether you want to master a debugging technique or you just want to get inspired by some of the most notable Java gurus, InfoQ has everything you need.


If you want to be successful on a market that expands at a pretty hasty pace, such as the Java developers one, you must extend your knowledge on Java software development and improve your programming and software design know-hows. jGuru offers the possibility to learn new technologies and move forward in your software development career.

It’s a fact that Java requires a constant skill-upgrade and improvement in order to stay relevant and successful in the field. You don’t want to stay in your comfort zone and get impaired while the others (the competitors) learn about the new tools and software development techniques on the market. Instead, use the above mentioned sources and sites and gain access to every powerful multimedia library on the WWW, research, learn and adopt the best and most useful coding practices. In other words, always be eager to learn something new and always try to be better than you were yesterday.


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