FLIR E4 the Best Australian Thermal Camera

Well, technology the last couple of decades has shifted from simple one coloured analogue devices to the modern, colourful, sometimes ultra- durable digital devices. That is all reality and when it comes to testing equipment, especially a thermal imagining camera. The thermal imaging camera is a device that is used to test and measure stuff, from a safe and distance spot. There is a wide range of uses for different applications, but the main one is for commercial and industrials applications such as manufacturing, electrical industry and more. One of the most popular devices in Australia is the FLIR E4 thermal camera, and bellow we will go into more-depth analysis for this device.

FLIR E4 Thermal Camera


This thermal imaging checks the temperatures of electronics by monitoring the electrical circuits, and the heat that radiates so you can easily determine the potential leaks and faults. Whether you work in electronics, or some other professional field, the best camera in Australia is the FLIR E4 thermal camera, because the quality and this tester will increase the efficiency and safety of your work. Bellow, we will go through the things that the FLIR E4 thermal imaging camera is better than other cameras.

  • a built-in visual camera
  • it has 4.8000 pixels with 80×60 infrared resolution, making the best resolution of thermal imaging cameras
  • It is sensitive starting from 0.15 degrees Celsius
  • the image quality is enhanced by the multi-spectral dynamic imaging
  • it has a wide range of colour palettes for different uses
  • rechargeable batteries

Because of these features, the FLIR E4 thermal camera has been the best selling thermal camera in Australia. They will give you all the options for your testing needs in whichever field you might work. This device is not only about measuring heat, yet it is about providing a more visual and faster result that will lessen the mistakes and make your work feel more safe, especially in fields where hazardest moments must be avoided.

This camera uses the technique of point-and-shoot style. The inner thermal sensitivity that is around 150 mK can produce up to 5000 temperature points. You can easily see even the smallest differences between cold and hot. Through the help of the built-in-camera, you will see both a standard image as well as the infrared picture. There is an option so you can save both pictures at the same time, which can be easily transferred to a computer through the FLIR software tools.

Finally, after reading this article, without a doubt, you know all the features of the FLIR E4 thermal camera. There are dozens of retailers in Australia, you can either find the one closest to you or do the best thing and order online.


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