Why Should You Choose Engineered Flooring Over Hardwood

Want to infuse your home with the elegance, warmth and beauty of hardwood floors, without braking the bank? Well, engineered flooring might be just the thing you’re looking for. While both solid and engineered timber floors are manufactured from top quality wood, they differ in terms of construction, price and installation. Fist let’s see how hardwood floors are made. They usually consist of a single piece of hardwood that is very thick and can be refinished multiple times. Engineered flooring, on the other hand, is made of several layers of hardwood or plywood bounded together to create a strong walking surface. While solid hardwood floors often expand when exposed to moisture and heat, engineered floors are highly resistant to moisture and temperature changes, making them the ideal solution for any area in the house. The flooring owes its exceptional durability to its stable and sturdy construction that can withstand high traffic without any damage.


When it comes to price, engineered flooring is less expensive than solid hardwood yet it possess all the beautiful qualities of solid floors. It comes in a range of wonderful wood finishes, colours and textures, so you are sure to find one that would best compliment the style of your home. Furthermore, engineered floors are much easier to install than hardwood and you can even do the entire installation process by yourself. You can install them on any level, including over your subfloor and below ground. That’s why it’s often the flooring of choice for such areas as bathrooms and basements. Due to its resistance to temperature changes it can also be installed in the kitchen or rooms that get plenty of sunshine during the day.

Direct exposure to sunlight won’t damage the engineered floors to the same extant as solid wood. However, if their initial colour and grain start to fade away, you can always re-sand them to restore their wonderful glow and rich colour. Depending on the thickness of the surface layer, the flooring can usually be re-sanded various times during its lifetime. The process of re-sanding not only restores the initial beauty of engineered flooring, but it’s also a great method to remove any stains or marks from the top layer. After you’ve re-sanded your floors, you can also have them refinished so as to further protect them from any damage. With all that being said we can only concluded that with engineered timer floors you can easily add a touch of luxury and elegance to your living space and all that without spending a fortune.


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