Skateboard Trucks: Things to Know Before Spending Your Bucks

To make your first steps into the thrilling world of skateboarding you need a skateboard that is easy to use and provides safe and smooth rides. There are various parts that make up a top quality skateboard and in this article we will focus on the truck, which plays a vital role in the overall performance of your board. Put simply, without the right trucks, your board won’t serve you a long time and won’t take your that far for that matter.

Skateboard Trucks

When looking for the best skateboard trucks for sale there are a few essential factors to keep in mind, including size, durability and material. You would want something that is durable and long-lasting and can withstand a considerably amount of wear and tear on a daily basis. In fact, your truck should still work well even when your desk and wheels wear out due to prolonged use.

When it comes to size and overall design all skateboard trucks for sale can be divide into three categories: high, low and mid trucks. This categorization basically refers to distance between the baseplate and the hanger of the truck and determines how high off the ground your board will be. Low trucks are designed to be closer to the ground and are commonly used for flip tricks and technical street skating. Mid, also known as standard trucks, are commonly used together with medium sized wheels. They’re great for all styles of skating, but are most suitable for standard skatepark skating. High trucks provide more space between the trucks and the deck and therefore would work best with larger wheels. Skaters who do cruiser style skating would appreciate the balance and the clearance between the deck and the ground that a high truck can provide. They’re also great for such skating styles as vertical and bowl skating.

All skateboard trucks are made from various basic parts that are connected together to provide stability and enhance the performance of your board. First we have the baseplate, which serves as the foundation of the truck. Next is the hanger, which can be considered as the central part of your truck. Put simply, this is the area of the truck on which the skater grinds. The baseplate and the hanger are connected together through a kingpin. Next we have the bushings, which are basically the parts that determine the turning ability of your board. They vary in both firmness and size and are usually made from polyurethane. The part that extends beyond the hanger is known as axle and is basically a long bar made of durable materials, such as steel or titanium. The parts that are designed to return the board in starting position are called washers. They’re made of metal and are positioned both below and above the bushings. Last we have the speed rings which are placed between the hanger and the bearings. They’re designed to stop the bearings from rubbing against the other parts.


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