Getting the Right Mix: Combining Traditional and Contemporary Home Furniture

Forget about the matchy-matchy look; combining traditional and contemporary home furniture can make an impressive statement of style when you mix them right.

Sculptural forms, sleek surfaces, and clean lines, these are the main characteristics of contemporary home furniture. If you tend to like more traditional pieces, these characteristics can be a serious intimidation factor for you. Here are some tips to help you blend this two furniture styles and create an elegant home.

In the Living Room

Add a touch of modern edge to your classic living room with a modern side table. Modern home furniture has the power to add welcome freshness to a space making everything around much more shine.


In the Dining Room

A contemporary table can be a gorgeous focal point in a formal dining space or even in a casual breakfast nook. For an ideal blend of contemporary and classic, pair the table with traditional dining chairs and a glitzy chandelier.

In the Bedroom

Lamps are an easy way to add interest to a room. Place a couple of traditional lamps on top of modern nightstands.

As an Accent Piece

An eye-catching contemporary furniture piece can turn an overlooked corner into a main focal point in the house. For example, a metal-frame chair can help add interest to an entryway.

Other things to keep in mind:

  • If you have inherited some family furniture, avoid putting all the pieces into just one room. Combining traditional with modern furniture not only breaks up the monotony but also add a personal touch to the space;
  • Consider the architecture, size, and lighting of the room. Dark wooden furniture in a room that has poor lighting will give a depressing appearance. In this case, bright furniture pieces may be a better option.
  • Select one or two items to give your décor a pop-up, for example, a modern armchair for your living room, or a hutch for the dining area, or a chest of drawers of the bedroom.
  • Keep size and scale in mind when combining pieces, so that it doesn’t look out of space.

Nowadays it is pretty easy to find collections of furniture that combine style and functionality to allow you to make the most of your home. From stylish contemporary beds to chairs and anything in between, you’re sure to find what you need to create a stylish yet comfortable living space.


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