Indian Mirrors: Dress up Your Walls With Style

Great style is in the details and this not just a fashion rule, but it also applies when planning the interior design of your home. With attention to details and a bit of creativity you can easily design a living space worthy of admiration. While choosing furniture is certainly a major consideration when it comes to making your home look and feel comfortable and stylish, it’s usually a lot easier to do than finding the best method to dress up your walls. Even when you have picked out the most chic and comfortable furniture, a room with plain white walls will still look incomplete and rather boring to be honest. That’s why the way you adorn your walls is an important piece of the design puzzle and when done right it can transform your home from basic and simple into a place where elegance and style unite to deliver a look that doesn’t cease to amaze.

indian mirrors

From beautiful wallcoverings, art pieces to photo frames and wallpaper, there are many things that can beautify your walls. But few things can glam up the largest features of your home quite like Indian mirrors can. Indian style in itself is know for its lavish and colourful nature and that is also reflected in these unique mirrors. They are often adorned with wonderful details and can serve as gorgeous decorations to enhance the look of your walls and infuse your living space with a dose of timeless elegance and cheerful vibes- key features of Indian interiors. Made to amaze your guest, all while adding function and style to your home, Indian mirrors are often handcrafted, so each one will look unique.

Due to it distinctive design, a well-made Indian mirror can serve as a nice focal point in any area of your home, whether that be in the hallway, living room, bathroom or bedroom. To give your hallway a chic and inviting look consider placing your mirror above the console table, so whenever you go to grab the essentials you need before you head out the door you can easily check your outfit or touch up your make-up. The elaborate look of the Indian mirror can also further enhance the design of your console table, which is often the centrepiece in such areas as the hallway and entryway.

The living room provides many design opportunities in terms of mirror placement. If you have a fireplace you can put a single large mirror or multiple smaller ones above it and create a lovely area where you can unwind, warm up and relax during the colder winter days to follow. For those room that don’t get a lot of natural light during the day a large mirror opposite the window is a great method to brighten up the space. The mirror will reflect the sunshine entering through the window, thus giving the room an open and airy feel and visually expanding the space.