Boost Your Cooking Comfort with Laminate Kitchen Floor Tiles

Choosing flooring for a high-traffic area as the kitchen can be a challenge. You would want something that not only compliments the style of your kitchen but can withstand spills, food stains and all the hustle of daily cooking chores without getting damaged. Due to its gorgeous look and the comfortable feel it lends to any room in the house, hardwood is appreciated as a stylish and practical flooring material. But, before you make a hasty decision and install a wooden floor in your kitchen you should first consider some important factors.


While hardwood floors will certainly add warmth and elegance to your kitchen interior design, their gorgeous grain and rich colour will soon started to lose their initial shine due to exposure to heat and moisture from meal prepping and dish washing. So, overtime your elegant and expensive flooring will turn into a damaged and unappealing walking surface that ruins the look of your kitchen. That’s why installing hardwood floors in the kitchen is considered as a big no-no among flooring professionals.

This doesn’t mean that you have to give up beauty and elegance for the sake of durability and function because there is a practical flooring solution that has all these features. I’m talking about laminate kitchen floor tiles, which have become some of the most popular solutions for high traffic areas around the house like kitchens, hallways and living rooms. Ever since it first appeared on the 1980s laminate flooring has become a popular trend and if you flicker through interior design magazines you could see laminate kitchen floor tiles as integral parts of modern and sophisticated homes.


What are the features that make laminate a better flooring solution for your kitchen than hardwood? Well, for once the advanced construction of laminate kitchen floor tiles makes them more resistant to moisture and heat damage than wood. Laminate owes both its durability and stylish look to four main layers, each playing a specific role in the design of this practical and modern flooring.

The layer that makes the floor a stable walking surface is known as the backing layer. It’s usually made of plastic and is designed to be highly resistant to moisture. Above the backing is the core layer which resist moisture damage as well and is made of high-density fibreboard. The layer that gives the flooring it’s gorgeous design is called the pattern or decorative layer. It consists of various sheets of paper bounded together with melamine resin. The sheets of paper can mimic the look of other flooring materials including wood, stone, tile, etc. On top of the decorative layer is the wear layer which has the purpose to provide further protection against moisture and heat damage.


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