How to Ship Products in a Customer-Friendly, Efficient and Cost-Effective Manner

For many small retailers and businesses, plans for shipping or mailing products are often at the bottom of their list of providing quality goods to customers. A mistake many of them do is to put the focus on the products themselves and overlook shipping until right before the products need to be delivered – time when if the shipping business is unprepared, packaging can become a nightmare.

Depending on the goods being shipped, the packaging must be durable, protective and easy to mail. This doesn’t mean finding an empty box big enough to shove the product into but includes using the right type of packaging supplies for each product to ensure a smooth delivery.


Packaging Supplies

According to experts, for an online retail business, the first real impression of their brand is when the package arrives at their customer’s door step. Therefore, it is important to select high-quality packaging supplies so that the products are delivered safely and attractively packaged. The packaging materials can also be a great branding opportunity, so adding the business logo to the box with a sticker or stamp should be considered.

Shipping Time

No one wants to way too long for a package to arrive. The time it takes a business to process, pack and ship products will determine if the customer will shop again or not. While shipping times can vary depending on a number of circumstances, it is important for a business to package and ship its products on the same day of the order. This will ensure the customers receive their orders in a timely manner. This is especially important during the holidays when customers shop with a specific date in mind.

Shipping Cost

For online retail businesses, one of the biggest challenges is to remain competitive with the local business, especially when they have the shipping costs factor. Customers do enjoy the convenience of having products delivered to their homes, but they don’t really want to pay for it. Research has shown that higher than expected shipping fees are one of the main reasons consumers give up online shopping. Shipping bargains can be an effective way to attract new customers.

Return Shipping

When shipping products through a retail business, having a clear and fair return policy is highly important. This policy should be provided to the customers in writing at the time of purchase and the terms should be clearly stated. While most online retailers ask the buyers to pay the return shipping, some of them provide free return shipping as an added benefit of shopping with their business.

Don’t overlook the importance of packaging and make sure you choose quality packaging supplies to protect and showcase your products!


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