Matching Sneakers & Casual Outfits – How to Do It Right

Who said that you cannot wear your sneakers outside the gym? Yes, you can wear your favorite shoes with your loved outfit as long as you follow some rules. The first one is to keep your stinky running shoes only for the gym and take it up a notch with trend brands such as Converse, Adidas and Nike, that offer a lot of sneakers shoes for womens that really look cool.

Sneakers Shoes For Womens

Whether it’s sneakers with jeans, skirts and dresses, below you will find ideas on how to match them properly.

Cuff Your Pants to Show Your Ankle Bone

Make your sneakers a statement. For this, you need to show them off and the best way to do this is to keep your pants right above your ankle bone. You can cuff your pants, hem them, or cut them – whatever feels right for you and make your pants that perfect length.

Don’t Let Your Socks to Show

Because it is not recommended to wear sneakers without socks, try to find some low-rider socks that don’t show. Warm weather, cold weather, it doesn’t matter. Visible socks are not allowed in any outfit if you want to look chic!

Choose a Classic Look or Solid Color

For many, a solid colour sneakers shoes for womens, or maybe just some classic stripes or a classic print, are really all they need. A retro vibe is consistent with most sneakers’ combinations we see in the streets.

Of course, your sneakers don’t have to be a neutral colour. A pair of bright pink sneakers with maroon laces is super cute and more fashionable than ever. More and more fashionable women are consciously coordinating pink in their outfits. A leopard slip-on sneakers also look just as good with jeans as they do with a casual dress.

Be Careful When Wearing Sneakers With a Dress or Skirt

This combination requires a thoughtful approach to elevate the style and avoid looking like a 1980s secretary. Tips to accomplish this look include:

  • The shirt should fall just above the knee. The look can be completed with a chic crossbody bag.
  • Wear a summer denim dress with bright sneakers. A bright colour in the bag will help bring the whole look together.

It is spring and summer will soon be here! This means there will be times you won’t want to show off your pedicure that needs some work and a pair or two of sneakers that make you happy will be an appreciated relief from flip-flops and such.


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