Trolley: Make Transporting Heavy Loads Easier and Simple

Finding the most efficient ways to boost productivity should be a top priority for every warehouse manager. A productive warehouse where all the operations are performed efficiently and in a timely manner will surely benefit from increased profits and more satisfied customers. Using advanced equipment, planning work activities well in advance and maintaining a safe and pleasant work environment are just some of the methods you can implement to increase the productivity of your warehouse business. Furthermore, your employees should be trained to carry out tasks like lifting boxes, transporting tools and organizing and storing products on pallets.


Performing different jobs requires the use of different types of equipment that can provide maximum safety and efficiency. Material handling equipment, particularly trolleys are essential for the operation of any warehouse. Using well-designed trolleys allows your workers to move goods around the work place quickly and with no hassle. Here are four types of trolleys that are designed to contribute to a more productive and successful warehouse.

Picking trolleys

A picking trolley, also known as 2 shelf trolley is designed to make picking and organising items in your warehouse easy, safe and quick. When choosing a 2 shelf trolley pay attention to the storage space it provides. A well-deigned model would have enough room for multiple items to make picking easier. Also, make sure the trolley features shelves and handles that are ergonomically designed so as your employees won’t have to bend as much when picking and arranging products. Picking trolleys are great for transporting heavy loads, but can be very useful for moving smaller items around the workplace as well.

Scooter trolleys

The advanced design of the scooter trolley is that feature that makes them a practical and efficient piece of equipment that every warehouse should have. Ergonomic and easy to use this type of trolley is designed for moving heavy items with no difficulty. It comes with paddles and wheels that allow you workers to easily move heavy loads to and from the warehouse.

Platform trolleys

Designed for various material handling jobs, platform trolleys have a practical design and most commonly used for unloading deliveries. They usually come with four wheels, two of which are fixed, while the other two are rotating and make manoeuvring the trolley a lot easier. The platform trolley is available in various sizes and style designed to provide different load capacity.

Sack trolleys

What makes sack trolleys so convenient is their ability to perform many different task in the warehouse. Your workers can used them for moving boxes, unloading deliveries, transporting heavy loads, loading trucks and the list continues. The sack trolley features a large platform for supporting different load weights and usually comes with ergonomic handles designed to make loading and moving heavy boxes more comfortable.


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