The Most Popular Rack Mount Server Cases

One of the biggest problems I have always had with my PC and musical equipment as well is where to put it. My PC is an integral part of my home recording studio that serves me as a hard disc recorder, musical instrument, editor, CD duplicator and so much more. To organise the gear and the clutter in my studio, I have decided to invest in a quality and sturdy rack mount server case, but believe me, it was not an easy decision to make. The market is overwhelmed with a plethora of different rack mount server cases coming from different brands which made my decision hard to make. That is why I did a lot of research in order to find one that will serve me for a lifetime, and the thing I’ve learned from all this is that quality pays off. So when in the search for a new rack mount server case consider only the ones that come from reputable online stores if you want to get the bets deal for your money.

rack mount server case

However, to ease your decision a little bit, I’ve rounded up a list with the most popular rack mount server cases (different types for different needs). Let’s see them. Continue reading


Eyewash Stations Different Types and Use

Everyone wants to protect their eye-sight and not have to wear glasses until they reach like, 85 years old. Even more, people that work with chemicals or metal engineering procedures are more than concerned with their eyes. What is a splash of acid gets in your eye? What if a piece of metal jumps and cuts you near the eye while you’re cutting it on the machine? Of course you can wear safety goggles for both situations, but goggles protect just the eye area, and you never know how good they will be.


Plus, this is a question that employers need to think about as well; any injury on the work place is on your responsibility, which means you as an employer need to do everything to prevent it from happening, or you’ll have to pay for the damage. So, instead of worrying when will the next accident happen and your workers start suffering, you start paying things and get nervous, why not consider installing eyewash stations? As one solution, is probably the best: Continue reading

What Are The Pros and Cons of Safety Ear Muffs

Working with heavy and powerful machinery usually goes along with a lot of disturbing noise that it is not only insupportable for the human ear, but it also can be extremely hazardous for workers’ hearing health.


We would all agree that the best way to prevent hearing loss is to reduce the noise level in the work environment. But, since this is absolutely impossible, the only way for workers (especially construction workers) to avoid losing their hearing, is to protect from the dangerous noise themselves. Continue reading

Chemical Storage Containers – Ventilation Guidelines

Do you need several chemical storage containers with different storage capacity? Worry no more! With the constant improvement and innovation, today you can enjoy in a vast of different types and sizes of chemical storage cabinets in order to keep your dangerous and corrosive chemicals safe whilst close at hand.


Regardless their use, chemical storage containers usually come with capped bung openings that allow ventilation, while in chemical and flammable cabinets ventilation, is not required and recommended by any Federal regulatory agency. Cabinet manufacturers provide chemical storage containers with venting bungs specially designed for users who need to vent by local or state codes, or by individual company or insurance carrier policies. Continue reading