Why are Temporary Blinds a Great Temporary Solution for Your Home?

For all those who are moving to a new house and are not ready to invest in permanent blinds, stick on temporary blinds is the perfect solution. I know things can be messy, boxes everywhere, only a bed or two, the furniture is not picked yet, but your neighbours can see everything that is going in your house. Stick on temporary blinds are the most reliable and affordable solution.stick-on-temporary-blinds

First of all, they are easy to set up, with peel and stick technology without the requirements of any tool. Because they are made from paper, it makes them cheap and ozone-friendly with a design that can be used all over again. When you purchase a paper blind, inside you can find blinds of 915mm wide by 1830 with two clips per blind so you can easily install them. There are a lot of colours for you to pick, however, white and black are generally more used because they are neutral that offer privacy which is very much needed. Continue reading


Things to Consider When You Shop For Blinds

Although many window types are amazingly beautiful on their own, plain windows do not offer much privacy. For that reason, many people opt for the ultimate solution – window blinds. These window treatments will not only provide you with the much-needed protection, but they will also act as a decorative element in your interior design scheme.

But before you hit the store to shop for blinds, it is worth pondering some important options to ensure you make exactly the right choice. Here are some considerations to keep in mind before making your final decision. Continue reading